Leading actress Ziba Ali married the father of 5 children

My husband still loves his first wife, never pressured her to divorce (Ziba Ali). Legendary actress and model Ziba Ali married the father of 5 children. According to the details, Ziba Ali is a well-known actress and model. Admits that he started his career as a dancer and continues to work as a junior artist.

However, the family was not happy after which she became an Aerobist. Ziba Ali, as the host of the hostess, continued to work at Saudi Airlines. Later, Ziba Ali re-entered the model showbiz industry.

Ziba Ali told The Morning Show that he was 35 years old and that he married a man who was already married.

Ziba Ali said that my husband has five children. Ziba Ali said that the two of them first met in the gym, the friendship turned into love, after which Aamir expressed his desire to marry me and his family backyard. Ziba Ali says that being a man’s second wife was a major challenge for me.

Ziba Ali also admitted that she had met her husband’s children while his first wife was also a very good wife. Ziba Ali says her husband still loves his first wife, nor has he ever asked her husband to divorce his first wife because he does not want to hurt anyone. Ziba Ali said that Aamir has kept me and his first wife in a separate house, both of us have their needs met.

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