6G speeds would theoretically be 1 TB per second.

6G speeds would theoretically be 1 TB per second

In many countries 5G has not even started yet, but experts have already begun working on the next-generation wireless network. The Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology has also begun preliminary work in this regard. Experts say 6G speeds may be one terabyte per second. Fastest 5G right now in its early stages.

In the initial stages, its speed can be from 50 MB per second to 2 GB per second and later to 100 GB per second.

6G speeds can be up to 1 TB / second, depending on the working group. Dozens of researchers and experts are working on it, but we are still several years behind its installation. However, the development of 5G began in 2008 and has come only in a few developed countries so far.

On 6G users will be able to download 40 to 50 high quality 4K movies in just 1 second.

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