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10 Advantages of a Nursing Career in 2022

by John Milton
10 Advantages of a Nursing Career in 2022

Becoming a nurse is no easy feat, but for those who are determined to make a difference in the lives of those in their community, it’s a career path that comes with many advantages. As hospitals and other healthcare organizations struggle to find enough nursing staff, they’re willing to offer bonuses, tuition coverage, and other major benefits to those who work for them.

Work benefits aren’t the only reason why a nursing career is a great idea. Even without extra perks, there are still many advantages to becoming a nurse.

#1. Nursing Programs Exist Everywhere

If you want to find a nursing program, you won’t have to look very far. Nursing degree programs exist all over the country and while extremely small towns may not have a nursing program, it’s incredibly likely the one town over will. You can even find online programs if you want to work part-time or can’t leave home for whatever reason.

Finding a place to earn your associate’s degree and RN license won’t be difficult, so if you really want to become a nurse, make it happen!

#2. High Salary

Most nurses make a pretty good salary even as an RN, one of the highest paying associate degrees. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the average RN salary to be over $77,000 annually, while the average nurse practitioner’s salary is over $120,000 annually. If you choose to specialize your career and earn your MSN or DNP, you can expect to earn an even higher salary.

#3. Easy Workforce Entry

Nursing programs make entering the workforce a breeze. After you finish an accredited two year program and earn your RN license, you can start work part-time at a local clinic or hospital.Many schools will help facilitate this move into the workforce and many healthcare organizations will be eager to have you on their staff. Programs such as the CHC62015 Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management course allow students to learn hands on skills and gain qualification in less than one year – much shorter than other nursing or caring courses.

#4. High Demand

With a high demand for nurses, you’ll find a job no matter where you look. With the ongoing nursing shortage and an increasing number of medical patients, healthcare organizations are struggling to fill nursing positions in order to comfortably accommodate all of their patients.

Whether you want to work with children, in the operating room, or in administration, you’ll be able to find a job that you want to do without having to look too hard. Even with minimal experience, your skills, knowledge, and education will be highly desired by most healthcare organizations that you look into, meaning that you hold a lot of negotiating power when it comes time.

#5. High Level of Job Satisfaction

Many people are unhappy with the career they chose and find themselves feeling trapped. During a survey in 2019, however, AMN Healthcare found that despite many workplace complications, 81% of nurses are happy with their career choice and 75% are satisfied with the level of care they provide for their patients.

#6. It’s a Highly Respected Field

Starting in 1999, Gallup began a survey where Americans ranked certain professions in order of more honest to least honest. For 19 years, nurses have been ranked in the top position with the exception of September 11, 2001 when firefighters ranked the highest.

Even when Americans and the media began to doubt medicine during the coronavirus, nurses continued to rank the highest in the polls. With a score of 89% in 2020, nurses were still viewed as honest and ethical in their work.

As a nurse, you’ll join a career field that is highly respected and applauded as you provide life saving care to many people. It will be difficult, but your hard work won’t go unrecognized or unappreciated.

#7. Choose Your Specialty

If you’re interested in a specific field of nursing or want to specialize your career, you can! Nursing programs exist all over the country that allow you to specialize your studies and become an expert in a specific area of interest. With over 100 specialities that you can choose from, you won’t be lacking in choices.

#8. Stable Job Industry

As the older generation of nurses ages out and retires, more job openings will open up. Older nurses will leave their previous positions in need of being filled and require geriatric care as well. When taking into consideration the many patients that experience chronic health conditions, nurses will never run out of work.

Nursing is one of the most stable industries as the care they provide will always be essential. No matter what specialty you choose, you can expect a stable job outlook for the duration of your career.

#9. Opportunity to Travel

Although many people don’t know it, nurses do have the opportunity to travel for work. Travel nurses have been around for years and more nurses are leaning in that direction. With short-term contracts, nurses can travel all over the country and help out where they’re most needed.

As a travel nurse, you’ll have a great opportunity to explore the country while continuing to work and earn money. 

#10. Excellent Benefits and Perks

Many employers offer their nursing staff excellent benefits and perks. From medical and dental insurance to paid time off, there are a lot of perks that many Americans can only dream about having. Most nurses receive medical and dental insurance, paid sick and holiday leave, tuition reimbursement, retirement benefits, subsidized travel, and childcare services.

While you may not receive all the same benefits, it’s very likely that you’ll receive several of the benefits listed above as healthcare organizations are eager to thank their nurses and want to encourage them to remain on their staff.

Join a Fulfilling Career

Nurses work hard and provide invaluable care to the patients they see. Without them, healthcare organizations wouldn’t be able to provide high quality care for their patients and ensure that every patient is seen in a timely manner.

As a nurse, you have the chance to join a truly rewarding and satisfying career field and help patients in the best way possible. All that remains for you to do is earn your license and start working.

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