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10 Good & Awesomely Creative Leather Wallet Designs to Choose From

by M Sakhawat
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“What’s in your head determines what is in your wallet.” – Darren Hardy 

Leather wallets might seem like a pretty normal category when we talk about accessories. But in reality, leather wallets are of immense importance today among men and women and are considered almost as important as purses or shoes. 

You might think that choosing a leather wallet design is very easy as there are few options to choose from. However, you will be surprised to know that there are multiple leather wallet designs available in the market, and it can be overwhelming to pick one. 

Do you want someone to guide you on the latest leather wallet designs? Well, here we are today with 10 different types of wallet designs which you can choose from. 


  1. Bi-fold wallets 

One of the most common wallet designs out there, Bi-fold wallets, involves a basic wallet design. Like the name, this wallet folds into half from the middle, which also causes the banknotes to fold into half. 

Folded only once, bi-fold wallets are slimmer when compared to the other designs of wallets. They usually have a big pocket to keep your note easily if you don’t want to fold them. On the front, they have two sections where you can keep your bank cards and receipts. 

Some bi-fold wallets also have a small pouch with a button on the front, where you can store some of your spare coins. 


  1. Tri-fold wallets 

Do you have multiple bank cards to carry in your leather wallet? Or do you also carry discount cards, membership cards, or identity cards with you? 

Like bi-fold wallets, trifold wallets are folded thrice instead of twice, making them a little thicker than bi-fold wallets. Rectangular in shape, these wallets have two flaps that meet in the middle and are ideal for people who need extra space in their wallets. 

It has enough pockets for you to place receipts in as well as some spare paper and shopping lists. 

Pro Tip: instead of stuffing all things in one pocket, fold them properly and divide your belongings into different pockets. This way, your wallet will not appear bulky. 


  1. Credit card holder wallets 

Do you prefer going cashless for security and safety reasons or simply don’t like the hassle of carrying banknotes with you as they make the wallet heavy? 

These days, credit card holder wallets are highly popular among men and women, reducing the need to carry money physically. When all transactions happen online, many people don’t feel the need to take cash with them during this global age. 

The best part about credit card holder wallets is that they contain multiple slots on both sides of the wallet for you to carry as many cards as you like. Compact in size and style, they can fit anywhere, whether it’s your jeans or shirt pocket.  


  1. Checkbook wallets 

Are you a professional or own a business where you frequently have to sign on cheques to finalize deals? If yes, then leather checkbook wallets can be the perfect everyday accessory for you. 

Want to know how checkbook wallets are designed and what their size is? Checkbook wallets have a slot to place your checkbook, some cash, and all kind of cards, including your ID card as well. You can easily place your money inside without folding it and not worry about crumpling those new banknotes. 

Do you want to appear professional in front of people along with giving the impression of being sophisticated? 

Pro Tip: If you are wearing a suit, you can place the checkbook wallet in the breast pocket to appear elegant. 


  1. Minimalist wallets 

Ever since a few years, the word minimalist has been doing rounds among people as more and more people are inclined towards minimalist living. 

Similar to credit card holders, minimalist wallets are the best modern accessory that one can ever have. They are more stylish, fashionable, and sleeker, which means they won’t appear bulky or heavy in your pocket. Also known as versatile wallets, minimalist wallets are much slimmer and encourage contactless payments during the current situation of the pandemic. 

Some minimalist wallets also have a hidden compartment which means that you can easily carry important documents whenever you want. To keep up with the market trend and customers’ demands, more and more brands have introduced minimalist wallets in their collections. 


  1. Travel wallets 

Are you planning to travel soon and can’t wait to style your chic outfit with a leather wallet that has an appeal and an amazing design? 

Ever since globalization and travel around the world have increased, more and more people look up accessories and wallets that can be useful when traveling. Also known as passport wallets, travel leather wallets can be a lifesaver whether you are traveling across the country or visiting a town that is 2 hours away. 

Travel wallets also consist of a compartment where you can easily place your passport, cash, and identification cards. Travel wallets also have enough space for you to include a small notebook so you can jot down the important points during a press conference or a presentation. 


  1. Zippered wallets

Are you clumsy and have a bad habit of dropping things without being aware that you have dropped anything? 

If your reply is in the affirmative, you will love the idea of a zippered wallet. Zippered leather wallets have an extra safe touch as they reduce the chances of you losing your valuables, whether cash or cards. 

They look stylish; have a compact style which means they will fit almost anywhere you want. Women favour most of the time zippered wallets as they have to store a lot of essentials in their leather wallets. 


  1. Money clip wallets 

Have you ever heard of money clip wallets before, or how do they work? Known as a modern and aesthetic design, money clip wallets are much lighter in weight and have a sleek and slim look. They are often considered alternatives to credit card holders as they allow you to hold money with ease. 

For adaptability and convenience, these leather wallets come with a clip that secures and protects that wad of money that you carry around. Moreover, they help you organize cash instead of just stuffing everything inside in a disoriented manner. 


  1. Cell phone case wallets 

Are you one of those people who carry their cellphone everywhere with them, whether you are going to the bathroom or heading out for a quick grocery run? 

Specially designed for smartphone lovers, a cell phone case leather wallet lets you carry your phone along with cash, cards, and receipts all in one place. It keeps your hands less occupied by letting you carry everything inside an enclosed accessory. Cell phone case wallets are easily available for various phones and have protective qualities inside to prevent your phone screen from any scratches. 


  1.  Slim ID wallets 

Do you want to carry all your essentials without feeling that bulky wallet of yours? Well, slim ID leather wallets are here for the rescue. 

These wallets are the OG for carrying all the essentials. A slim ID leather wallet comes with a front ID window, multiple compartments for storing your cards, and a slim place where you can stuff your receipts. 

Other than the basics, they are also useful for coupons, membership cards, discount cards, and a few spare coins. If you want something light for daily use, don’t forget to give Slim ID leather wallets a thought. We promise you that you will love them. 


Closing Note 

At the end of the day, all leather wallet designs are made to serve a specific purpose. That is to store your valuables: cards, money, receipts, checkbook, or other essentials. You should pick a leather wallet design that suits your personality and usage. If you don’t have to store much, go for the lighter versions and designs. Let us know which wallet design is your favourite in the comments below. 

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