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2 Reasons To Use Cardboard Packaging

by M Sakhawat
How to Pack Fragile Items

Cardboard is probably a very popular if not the most popular product for shipping packages on the market. There are several good reasons why it has won over wood, plastic, and any other possible material of box. Two of these reasons why you should use cardboard for your packages are listed below

1. Low Environmental Impact

Unlike a material like plastic, once cardboard finds itself out in the environment, it will decompose quickly, especially when it’s in a humid environment. Along with that, cardboard is a great material to recycle. Not only is it easy to recycle, but the resulting product does not lose any of the great qualities, like durability, that the original product held. Even manufacturing the original product has a very low environmental impact when compared to other products. If you ask for cardboard boxes when looking for Custom Packaging Products Portland OR, you will be making the best environmental choice when packaging your products. 

2. Easy To Ship

The fact that cardboard has a lighter weight than many other materials is just one of the features that makes it easy to ship. Not only are the people that ship cardboard boxes able to lift and carry them to their destinations faster, but the shape of cardboard boxes also makes them easy to stack and store on top of each other. This way your company will be able to ship more cartons at a time. On top of that, cardboard has a fair amount of durability on its own. Once you have padded the product inside enough, it is sure to survive the trip. 

So, if you weren’t using cardboard before, you can see why now would be a good time to switch. If you still are using cardboard now, you can see why you should never need to stop.

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