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3 Changes To Make Your Grocery Store Better

by M Sakhawat
3 Changes To Make Your Grocery Store Better

While selling useful food and other products to customers is important for every grocery store, it’s not the only thing to consider. When you sell similar food at similar prices as your competitors, what sets you apart? A quality customer experience can be the deciding factor that brings people back again and again. If you’re looking for easy things to make your patrons happy, here are a few ideas for where to start.

1. Convenience

You don’t want anything getting in the way of customers buying food quickly and easily at your store. The cart is one of the biggest parts of every shopping experience, so make sure yours are clean and well maintained. If they’re uneven or broken, consider upgrading the wheels with more effective leveling casters. The checkout experience is another important place to focus. You want your customers to find paying for their food easy and convenient, so look at your sales system, your card readers and your checkout lanes. All of these are easy to upgrade and can pay dividends in creating a better shopping experience for patrons.

2. Aesthetic

Make sure your store looks like a quality establishment inside and out. Chipped paint or scratched finish on the outside of your building can lead to people walking away. Instead, make outdoor and indoor improvements including new paint, better lighting and clear signage. Make sure your store and signs are well lit at night at that all sidewalks, curbs and parking spaces are repaired, not cracked or chipped.

3. Layout

If you want to change your store layout, start with the spots the products are currently in. Better, more open shelving and storage can make your store feel like a brand-new place without moving a single item. End cap and mid-aisle units can also attract customers to highlighted products. After you’ve opened up your aisles and shelves, if you still want to consider big layout changes, start with a map. Do an analysis of your current customer flow and where people tend to congregate or look for things. A look at how things are currently working can help you understand what changes to make.

While selection and prices are important, the experience of shopping at your store can be the thing to bring customers back year after year. Making periodic updates can keep them feeling fresh and excited in your store no matter how many times they return.

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