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3 Expert Tips for Pitching Up a Tent

by M Sakhawat
3 Expert Tips for Pitching Up a Tent

Camping trips are a fun experience for anyone, especially if they have recently become interested in exploring the outdoors. Most campers would go in groups because it is always fun whenever more people explore mountainous areas or open fields with you. If you are new to camping, make sure that you have all of the camping basics mastered to avoid becoming a burden to the group. 

One skill you need to master is setting up a tent perfectly. Meanwhile, if you find tents for sale, make sure you pick out a tent that is not too complicated to set up so that you can provide shade or a sleeping area within the campgrounds right away. It would be best to keep in mind several expert tent pitching tips to ensure nothing goes wrong. 

Tip #1: Always Choose Flat Grounds

One mistake that new campers make when pitching up a tent is that they can set it up wherever they want. What they do not take into consideration is that the ground they place the tent on is not flat, which can become a problem when people are lying down inside. You should always choose a camping spot with the flat ground to set up and use the tent without a problem.

A flat camping ground is easy to clean and prepare, whereas a diagonal or curved ground will most likely have small rocks protruding from the ground. It will also be uncomfortable to sleep on the ground because it is not flat. If you want to sleep comfortably during the night, you should always choose a smooth, flat camping ground. 

Tip #2: Avoid Hill Areas

Another tip is to avoid setting up your tent on nearby hills because it poses a huge threat to you and the other camper’s safety. Most tents you find under tents for sale signs would usually come with a label on setting them up, and some warnings might include never to set them up in hills. Most rookie campers think that the hills are the safest areas because they can look down below better. 

What they do not know is that hills are one of the most dangerous areas to set up camp, especially when you are below hill areas. When it starts to rain heavily, rainwater can run down to the hill and hit your campsite, damaging your tents, equipment, and everything else within its path. Another risk factor is when it starts to landslide because of the loose soil, and you might not be able to get out in time because you were unaware that it would happen. 

Tip #3: Pick Shady Spots All the Time

A great tip that many seasoned campers will tell new campers is to look for spots with a bit of shade when setting up their tents. Shade is vital when camping if you do not want the sun to hit your skin and cause sunburns. Your tent will also not be exposed to the sun, ensuring that it stays cool throughout the day. 

The shady spot can also help you during drizzle because large tree branches can catch most of the rainwater and divert it away from your tent. Ensure that the tree branches are high enough that they will not touch your tent.

Keep your camping experience fun by learning how to set up the tent the right way!

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