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3 Simple Tips For Making A Baby Photo Album

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3 Simple Tips For Making A Baby Photo Album

Documenting your new baby’s every move is something that doting parents love to do. It’s surprisingly easy to amass an impressive collection of snaps in no time at all. To ensure that these cherished milestone memories become treasured keepsakes, it’s essential that you present them in stylish baby photo albums.

Focus On Design And Style

Before you can fill up the pages of beautiful baby photo albums with cute and adorable photographs of your little one, you need to decide on the design, style, and format of the luxury photo books.

Do you want to capture your baby’s milestones in snaps that are presented in a high-quality hardcover, a softcover, or a fabric hardcover photo album?

A stylish printed hardcover photo book is perfect for preserving special memories of a baby’s first experiences of life. The hardwearing cover ensures that your favorite photos remain in pristine viewing condition, no matter how many adults, and sticky-fingered children, browse your selection of gorgeous baby snaps.

A stunning fabric hardcover photo album makes an elegant keepsake that you can treasure and pass down through family generations. The expertly bound photo books can be embellished with luxurious foil stamping to the personalized title.

A softcover photo album is a perfect format if you want to show off your collection of favorite baby photographs in a modern magazine-style. You can print baby’s name as the album’s title, and feature a photo of the cutest cover star ever.

Next, it’s time to determine your photo album style… You will need to think about how you want to present your stunning baby photos. Do you want to feature nothing but full page, cover-to-cover photographs? Or do you love the idea of combining snaps with text?

You may also want to consider the perfect orientation for your visual presentation of baby’s first year – do you want a photo album that is portrait, landscape or square in shape?

Getting all of the finer details right before you get started, will make your baby photo book appear much more luxurious when it’s filled up with photographs, and ready to share with your loved ones.

Showcase The Major Milestones

While you’ll undoubtedly want to take snaps of every little thing that your baby does on a daily basis, when curating a collection of images to share with family and friends it’s best to focus on the major milestones.

Baby’s developmental milestones, and their behaviour and social interactions in the first year will provide you with many perfect photo opportunities. Display the best of your favourite photos of smiling, sleeping, food tasting, walking, talking and playing baby on colourful backgrounds, so that they stand out. You may also want to include some shots of baby’s first play date pal, the first family holiday, and photos of your infant with members of your family. You can also caption each photo with the story of what’s happening in the image.

If you’ve had a professional family photo session, pick out your favourite baby portrait shots and include them in your milestone arrangement.

When you’re curating the photos, it’s a good idea to pick out the best photos from your bumper crop, and to organise the photo album selection into a chronological order that tells a story. Browsers will be able to view the incredible progress that your baby has made from birth to their first birthday, with every page turn.

Complement all of the major milestones with a variety of photos that capture wonderfully candid and funny moments, like baby sleeping in an unusual position, messy mealtimes, or baby buried under a mountain of cuddly, soft toys. Check with your family and friends, to see if they’ve snapped any photos of baby that are quality moments that are also worthy of inclusion in your baby photo books.

Incorporate Mementos

Beautiful baby photo albums that are personalised with a stunning collection of your favourite photographs can easily be transformed into unique keepsakes, with the addition of mementos.

Enhance your baby photo album photographs by including pregnancy ultra sound scan images, a photocopy of baby’s birth certificate, and adorable hand and foot prints. Any items that can’t be featured in the pages of your photo book can always be preserved in a special companion hand-me-down keepsake box.

It’s a nice touch to also include mementos that show off other aspects of baby’s life. Take a wide-angle shot of the street where you live, the exterior of your home, and every room in it. Include snaps of baby’s favourite bedtime toy, and other things they are especially attached to. Include newspaper headlines of the day your child was born, and details of the hospital and who was in attendance to welcome them into the world. And add your favourite movie or book quotes, or the song lyrics to the hits of the day.

After you’ve celebrated baby’s first birthday, you can continue preserving snaps of milestone events and happy memories in a new personalised photo album for each of your child’s birthdays. By the time they reach the teenage years, you’ll have a fabulous collection of photographs that are beautifully presented in a series of luxury photo books. This unique collection is now a treasured family heirloom that makes a great gift for your grown-up son or daughter that’s about to become a parent for the first time.

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