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4 Crucial Questions to Ask Before Hiring Asbestos Removal Services

by M Sakhawat
4 Crucial Questions to Ask Before Hiring Asbestos Removal Services

Sydney has the highest number of residents in Australia. This New South Wales’s capital city and economic hub is home to at least 5,367,206 as of June 2020. These people reside in over 1.7 million houses built all over the city. And, because of environmental and health concerns, homeowners are investing in asbestos testing in Sydney to check the presence of asbestos in their property. 

Meanwhile, according to state regulations, only a licensed contractor can perform asbestos removal services. The contractor must always follow NSW’s guidelines and regulations for everyone’s safety. So, if you plan to invest in asbestos removal services in Sydney, these questions will help you understand how you and your contractor can do these services in the safest way possible. 

What Are the Dangers of Asbestos Removal? 

Most homeowners are worried about the health risks when removing asbestos from their homes. Exposure to this mineral can lead to various diseases like mesothelioma and asbestosis. However, you can avoid these unwanted dangers by ensuring that your contractor will use asbestos removers that do not send tiny asbestos particles into the air. These mineral particles can enter the lungs and cause asbestos-related illnesses. 

So, if you suddenly notice a damaged cement asbestos pipe in your home, you need to call a licensed company that does asbestos testing in Sydney right away to have the problem fixed. The service provider may immediately conduct necessary actions to determine your exposure to the material, then get rid of it for your household’s safety. 

What Are the Rules in Removing Asbestos in Sydney Properties? 

Aside from requiring you to work with qualified professionals, you must also follow the city’s rules and regulations when removing asbestos in any building. 

The city government mandates that you must hire a Class B WorkCover-licensed asbestos removals if you need to remove over 10 square metres of bonded asbestos products in your home. The experts will help prevent any untoward incidents that may expose you to the dangerous mineral. But if you need to remove friable asbestos products, you must find a licensed Class A WorkCover asbestos removals to handle the tricky situation. 

Do You Need to Remove All Asbestos Products? 

Since asbestos products played an essential part in home construction in Australia up to 1989, you can expect all houses built before that year to contain these materials. But you do not have to remove them from your home if they are not damaged or exposed. So it would be best to leave them alone to avoid unnecessary exposure. 

Meanwhile, any crumbling or friable materials that contain asbestos are already dangerous for everyone’s health. Therefore, you must immediately remove it from your property with the help of an expert in asbestos removal to reduce your exposure.  

Can You Stay Home During Asbestos Removal Procedures? 

The experts would advise you against staying inside your house during the asbestos removal services. However, it is necessary to at least step out of the house to lessen your risk of getting exposed. 

So, you must talk to your asbestos abatement company to know the dos and don’ts while in the middle of an asbestos removal process. 

Having exposed asbestos in your Sydney home can be a hassle. But you must address it right away to ensure that you and everyone at home will always remain safe and healthy despite the presence of asbestos-containing materials in your house. And most importantly, you must only work with qualified experts to reduce any problems related to unnecessary asbestos exposure. 

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