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4 Different Types of Packaging Tapes and Their Uses

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4 Different Types of Packaging Tapes and Their Uses

Nowadays, many startup businesses use the delivery method rather than opening a physical shop due to the pandemic. Businesses want to reduce the infection rates as much as possible, and one way they can do that is by delivering the items to their customers. If you have a new business and deliver your items, you have to know the importance of packaging tapes.

Not many people know the different types of packaging tapes and how each type can provide certain benefits. If you plan on buying packaging tape for boxes and other boxed packages, make sure you learn more about them by learning the different types of tapes and their uses.

Labelled Packaging Tapes

The first type that you need to know about is the labelled packaging tapes. As the name suggests, there are labels on the surface that you can fully customise for your specifications. Usually, businesses place the words Fragile, Urgent, Care, Top Load Only, etc., on the packaging tapes to let the delivery personnel know what is inside.

It is not enough to tell the delivery personnel that something is fragile inside the box or package because they will forget it. If you want everyone to know the item’s importance inside the box, you should always use labelled packaging tapes. You can find them in yellow or orange colours because they tend to stick out the most, making it easier to notice for the delivery personnel.

Floor Marking Tape Applicator

The next type of packaging tape is the floor marking tape applicator. Sometimes, it can become time-consuming when you want to create markings on the floor using tape. Even when multiple people are going at it, they will get tired quickly because of the amount of kneeling or bending over required to place the tape.

That is where the floor marking tape applicator comes in because you only need to push it around for the tape to be applied. Thus, it saves you a significant amount of time, and you do not even need multiple people to get the job done. What makes it excellent is that you can use different tape designs that will suit your needs.

Tape Dispensers

Tape dispensers are great whenever you have several boxes that need to be taped as quickly as possible. Using tape alone will take more time than usual because you have to find the tape end, stretch it out, and then cut it with scissors. But when you have tape dispensers, you get to dispense tape right away with a single pull.

There are some dispensers with handles that let you apply tape on surfaces without the need to pull it out and apply it manually. Teardrop-shaped tape dispensers also don’t have handles, but you can still apply the tape by running it on the surface.

Print Adhesive Tapes

Print adhesive tapes work just like labelled packaging tapes. However, the only difference is that print adhesive tapes let you place longer words instead of just labels, which are excellent for applying the tape around the box. On the other hand, they are more noticeable than labelled packaging tapes, so it is your discretion which of the two you want to use.

If you plan on buying packaging tapes, make sure you get them from a reliable supplier. You need high-quality products if you want the tape to stick to the surface better.

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