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4 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Signet Rings

by M Sakhawat
4 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Signet Rings

Have you seen the movie “The Kingsman”? One of the iconic items in the movie is the ring worn by the agents that doubles as a weapon. The ring makes the actors look classy and gentlemanly while making moviegoers dying to wear one, too. Of course, it would be amazing if it had the stun gun function like it does in the movie.

Meanwhile, the Kingsman ring is known as a signet ring. And, it is a sterling silver signet ring plated in gold and bears the crest of the secret group. Although it’s not a weapon, it adds personality and style to anyone wearing it. 

The signet ring, being more than a piece of jewellery, has been a part of numerous cultures for centuries. But now, many people are showing interest in it as its popularity is increasing. So to help you learn more about the signet ring, here are some of the most common questions asked about it.

What does wearing a signet ring mean?

The word signet comes from the Latin word Signum meaning “sign.” Thus, signet rings are traditionally used as seals to sign documents. And this is done by pressing the upper surface, engraving the family crest into soft clay or wax.

Wearing signet rings have always been associated with the elite. It means someone who wears it comes from a noble family or is an important person, and that the ring has been passed down as a family heirloom. In other words, it is a symbol of someone’s bloodline.

Today, however, the signet ring does not only bear the family crest, as it can also be a symbol that represents a person or a group. 

Who can wear signet rings?

Throughout history, signet rings have been worn by members of the aristocrat or wealthy families who can afford the precious metal that the ring is made with. These people use their signet rings to seal documents, making forgery quite difficult.

And, since signet rings are also called gentleman’s rings, men are the only ones who wear them. But times have changed. 

Currently, both men and women, whether a member of the royal family or not, can wear a signet ring. Even freemasons and members of the military have their symbol and wear it with their signet rings.

On what finger is a signet ring worn?

If you noticed in “The Kingsman,” the signet ring is worn on the pinky finger of whichever hand is dominant. But history tells that it has always been worn on the left hand’s little finger.

Now, since signet rings have become a fashion statement, they can be worn depending on the wearer’s preference. But you can always follow tradition and wear it on your left pinky. 

What are signet rings made of?

Signet rings are made from precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum. And in the early years of the signet ring, gold has been the metal of choice. But since pure gold is soft, it needs to be mixed with other metals. As such, sterling silver and platinum can also be plated in gold to create the ring. But, signet ring makers today opt to reuse silver and craft it into sustainable rings. Additionally, a precious stone, such as onyx or bloodstone, can be placed on the flat surface where the crest is engraved. Or it can simply be plain metal.


A signet ring is a symbol of one’s bloodline or family heritage. But now, these rings are also considered statement pieces. Hence, they have made their way into mainstream fashion, and anyone can wear them to complete a look and set them apart. So, whether you like gold or prefer a silver signet ring, know that you can wear it however you like. After all, it’s not just a symbol used to sign documents. It can simply be your way of showing your personality, style and pride. And if you don’t have a crest, find something that can show others who you are. Ultimately, your signet ring represents you and no one else.

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