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5 Actionable SEO Strategy To Get Higher Website Rankings

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5 Actionable SEO Strategy To Get Higher Website Rankings

While SEO is the key to the survival of a website in the online world, there are way too many suggestions and tips to make your SEO strategy stronger and practical. There is no disputing that the right SEO strategy can help your site reach the top ranks seamlessly – SEO Strategy To Get Higher Website Rankings

The challenge is Google’s dynamic SEO algorithm. It is a smart AI-based algorithm that uses Machine Learning (ML) to rank sites after analyzing the searcher and user experience’s aim. With hundreds of SEO tips floating all around, here are five actionable strategies that SEO Company in India used to get higher rankings.

1. Ensure that your keywords are optimized

Keywords are the indispensable elements of SEO. Many things may change, but keyword optimization is always going to be a part of SEO. Consider three things here:

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  • Long-tail keywords – Google typically uses semantic analysis to interpret each word of the long-tail keyword. However, today the algorithm does not pay much attention to these keywords.
  • Root keywords or medium-sized keywords – have higher search volumes and are more competitive vis-a-vis long-tail keywords. For example, suppose the primary keyword is ‘ginger tea.’ In that case, it is important to integrate mid-sized keywords like ginger tea benefits or ginger tea for a sore throat to generate much higher search volumes.
  • Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords – long-tail keywords help in identifying LSI keywords. Instead of using long-tail keywords, focus on using words that have a stronger connection with a topic. For example, if the primary keyword is ginger tea, Google dropdown can help identify the LSI keywords like ginger tea ingredient, ginger tea types, etc.


2. Optimizing content for the Featured Snippet

What is a featured snippet? Ranked above the organic search results, FS or Featured Snippet is referred to as Rank Zero. It contains the exact answer to a query posed by the searcher. 

Ahrefs mentions that the results on the first-page drive 99.58% of Featured Snippets. So, your first intent is to push your website to the first page and then use the same keyword/s to rank your FS. When trying to get the Featured Snippet for your site or page, make sure that you choose the type of Snippet – Definition Snippet, List Snippet, or a table snippet. 

Finally, it would be best to work on a content piece that can fit into the Featured Snippet Box.

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3. Optimizing title tags

After working on keywords and Featured Snippets, you need to focus on the CTR (Click Through Rate). To do so, you need to work on title tags. As per CoSchedule, titles that have more than an emotional score have higher chances of getting shares. An emotional score of 40 or more is likely to get 1,000 increased shares. The moral of the story is that it is important to use titles, posts, and subject lines of emails that make an emotional connection with the audience.

In the ‘ginger tea’ example, an attractive and appealing title tag could be ‘Why is ginger tea recommended for winters?’ 

Also, use brackets for title tags to let the crawler get more attention to the title. HubSpot mentions that titles with brackets are likely to give you c33% better traction than without brackets.

Another interesting way to make the titles more engaging and effective is to make use of powerful words. Such words immediately draw the searcher’s attention, which means that the words have an alluring effect. For example, in the title above, you could use – ‘Seven proven benefits of ginger tea during winters.’

Another way to treat the title is to use statistics and data in titles. 

4.  Optimize backlinks

The more authoritative the backlinks are, the better your site’s chance is ranked on the first page of Google search. An effective way to do so is to use the Hook. There are different types of hooks – one is data, and the other is publishing an ultimate guide. 

One way to improve your backlink assets, as per HubSpot is to work on your content by making them more exhaustive and in-depth. Also, keep the content long to show your knowledge base and authority on the topic.

More backlinks, and that too, from high-qualitative sites, helps achieve higher SEO rankings. 

5. Work on your content

Ensure that your content looks good and displays top-notch quality. Ensure that you use the following to make your content more attractive:

  1. Using charts and graphs makes it easy for the reader to interpret data.
  2. Images – if you have credible pictures, use them or else use screenshots.
  3. Post banners make your content look trendy and stylish.
  4. Graphics- are extremely sound visual tools 


These are five absolute fool-proof SEO tips that will go a long way in enhancing your site’s ranking. There are many more, but the top five ones are mentioned here. Work on these extensively to watch the ranking of your site improve your website.


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