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5 Best Track-Only Supercars in UAE

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5 Best Track-Only Supercars in UAE

Track-focused supercars are absolute weapons and they are very much enjoyed by the Emiratis. Since the craze of fast and luxurious vehicles in the UAE is common knowledge, it only makes sense that the rich residents there are willing to splurge on cars that they can only drive on racetracks. 5 Best Track-Only Supercars in UAE

These vehicles offer the most exhilarating, exciting, and visceral performance which makes them worth the money. CarSwitch, where you can get used cars for sale in Sharjah, brings you the best Track-Only Supercars in this article. 

1. Ferrari FXX

5 Best Track-Only Supercars in UAE

Previously, the Ferrari FXX was restricted to non-competitive purposes. This means that it was only driven at specific events. However, when it came out in the market, its outstanding V12 6-liter engine was raised to 6.3 liters. 


The power which this engine delivered was 809 bhp and it was paired to a Formula 1-derived transmission. This gearbox is capable of shifting gears in 100 milliseconds. However, it is 60 milliseconds with the later revealed Evo upgrade which came in 2008. 

This upgrade is known for refined aerodynamics, the latest gear ratios, a new traction control system, and an advanced braking system. Moreover, the power was increased to 850 bhp. This Italian monster can pummel to 62 mph in only 2.5 seconds and boasts a top speed of 214 mph. 

2. Jaguar XJR-15

5 Best Track-Only Supercars in UAE

Although this is primarily a track-focused vehicle, it is still a serious hardcore machine that deserves to be on the list. From the outside, it looks sophisticated and decent but from the inside, it is a whole different game. 

It includes the extremely superior chassis of the XJR-8 Le Mans racer. The entire body framework is constructed with carbon fiber and Kevlar-reinforced materials. 

It is powered by a heavy V12 6-liter engine which pumps out 450 bhp. Since the body is lightweight with only 1050 kg, the acceleration from 0 to 60 mph is done in 3.9 seconds. The top speed recorded is 191 mph. 

3. Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren 722 GT

5 Best Track-Only Supercars in UAE

This vehicle was converted into a track-focused monster by the capable engineering company “RML”. Previously, the car received criticism due to heavyweight, unsupportive carbon-ceramic brakes, and a subservient interior. 

But after the successful makeover by RML, Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren soon became an upscale supercar. The excessive body roll and weight were reduced by cutting out 334 kg. Carbon fiber became the major raw material. 

Fortunately, the car was already equipped with a V8 5.5-liter engine. But RML heightened the power from 650 bhp to 671 bhp. A superior braking feel was developed due to the addition of ventilated steel discs. As for the exterior, it was made aggressive by giving skirts, splitter, rear wing, and a big rear diffuser. 

4. LaFerrari FXX K

5 Best Track-Only Supercars in UAE

This supercar is the track-focused version of LaFerrari FXX. After manufacturing the splendid FXX, the company had to produce a more powerful FXX K version and they delivered it perfectly. It comes with a normally aspirated, V12 6.3 liter engine which is responsible for delivering 849 bhp. 

Additionally, the hybrid-KERS system produces 187 bhp. The vehicle is recognized for its almost frightening and powerful speed. 1036 bhp is sent to the rear wheels which make its speed seriously fast. 

It is equipped with a reworked intake, the latest camshafts, and exhaust. The speed is further improved by reworked aerodynamics which contains an active rear spoiler, a bold front splitter, and two huge vertical fins. These features allow the car to have a 30% extra downforce. 

5. Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo

5 Best Track-Only Supercars in UAE

This is a magnificent creation in the automotive industry. Even though it was never revealed as a track-focused version of Chiron, it’s obvious that it’s highly capable to be so. 

It utilizes the signature 8L Quad Turbo W16 engine which gives an even higher power output than the Chiron: 1650 hp. Considering how the Vision Gran Turismo was unveiled 6 months prior to Chiron, it still amazed the world with unrivaled performance and extraordinary power. 


So, these were some of the beasts best suited on racetracks. If you want to sell any car in UAE, visit CarSwitch for dealing with the best automotive experts. 

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