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5 Common Vaping Mistakes Beginners Must Avoid

by M Sakhawat
Vaping The Wrong Way

New to vaping? Well, the key to ensuring you have the best first experience is to learn the most common vaping mistakes by beginners. Know what they are and how to avoid them, and you can have a memorable vaping journey from thereon. Here we have discussed five such mistakes that you should avoid as a new vaper.


1. Compromising On Quality

Vape devices have several intricate parts that function in unison to offer an exceptional experience. Therefore, the key to a wonderful vape time is choosing good quality vape kits, where these parts ensure reliable performance. Often vape beginners compromise on the vape kit quality, pointing to the fact that they are just trying it out. But the issue is unless your vape mod is of decent quality, you will never truly know how it feels to vape.


Cutting corners to save a few dollars with cheap or low-quality vape mods will directly affect your vaping experience. The same applies to replacement parts such as vape coils as well. As a rule, always choose beginner vape kits from reputed brands. You can read the reviews to make sure it is a reliable option in terms of durability and performance. During replacements or refilling, look for high-quality products like smok vape mesh coils or premium vape juices that best suit your mod. Each of these components can make a massive difference to your vaping experience.

Compromising On Quality

But that said, overspending on your first mod is also a huge mistake. See, there are mods for beginners and mods for the big boys or experienced vapers. Investing in high-end models with a significant degree of customization is simply a waste of money for vape beginners, as you will not know the right way to use these options for the best experience. Simple designs like vape pens that offer straightforward draw action for vaping are the best choice here.

2. Incorrect DIY Experiments

DIY experiments are pretty enticing to vape beginners as it allows them to have fun around vaping. But that said, not all experiments are meant for new vapers. A straightforward example is blending flavors. If you plan to make batches of homemade vape juice, choosing single flavors is the best place to begin. Getting the grip of ratio calculations takes a while. It is a crucial step and requires a combination of arithmetics and experience to get it right. Instead, leaping to make complex flavors like desserts or other popular choices from the market using online recipes in the very beginning is a bad idea. In most cases, new vapers end up with large batches of unpleasant vape juice flavors that are both a waste of money and time. Similar experiments with vape coils can also have expensive implications along with the risk of damaging your device ultimately.


As a rule, start your vaping journey with ready-made e-juices and coils. Take time to learn and experience them simultaneously to acquire knowledge of your device, juice, and other critical parts. Slowly try a few simple DIY projects that require minimal resources. Over time, you will better understand your likings, which will ensure fruitful results in DIY projects in the future.

3. Forgetting To Clean And Prime The Coil

The first rule of maintaining vape devices is to learn how to clean them properly. And why is this important? Well, your vape mod contains juice that travels from the tank to the coil to soak the wick. When you power up the device, the coil vaporizes this liquid into a gorgeous dense cloud.

Prime The Coil

The vape juice constitutes a critical ingredient known as vegetable glycerine that is dense and sticky. During the vaporization process, the chemical constituents of the juice left behind are gunky, sticky traces that start to deposit on the coil and other parts of the device. Powering up after this would cause a burnt taste from the repeated heating of these residues. Also, the sticky substances will reduce the coil surface availability for vaporization of fresh juice, which will result in low vapor production.


Schedule a clean-up of your vape mod regularly. A simple water clean-up once every week and a deep clean using agents like baking soda once every 15 days can do miracles for your device. Disassembly each part of the device and soak them in water or agent to clean them thoroughly. You can use a small brush to get rid of the harsh residues stuck to the device.


An important point to remember after cleaning is to prime the coil before use.  It means soaking the coil in a few drops of the vape juice before powering the device to ensure you don’t burn the setup. This way, your device will remain in good health and offer competent performance for a long time.

4. Ignoring Your Battery

A common problem new vapers faces is that they forget to charge the batteries and end up running out of juice when they wish to vape. Waiting till the battery falls to critically low levels to charge is a bad idea. It will permanently destroy the efficiency of the battery and cost you a lot. Similarly, overcharging the battery even after reaching 100 percent is also harmful to it.


Read the charging instructions of the device carefully before you place it on charge. Always stick within the 20- 80 limits to place and remove the battery from charge. If you tend to run out of battery from regular use, carry a spare set fully charged in a battery pouch to replace when needed.

5. Vaping The Wrong Way

New vapers, especially in transition, have a hard time understanding the right way to vape. Intense and quickdraws in vape devices will not work. It increases the chances of you damaging the device in the long run. Earning the right way to vape will help you enjoy your flavors and nicotine better.

Prime The Coil


Vape devices require long and soft puffs followed by exhaling. Avoid chain vaping as it could burn the coil. If you are not satisfied with such puffs, you might need to explore vape juices with higher nicotine strength. Also, if you were looking to experience dense clouds, try juices with dominant vegetable glycerin concentration. They are the best choice to produce gorgeous vapor clouds brimming with flavors.


The beginning of your vaping journey can be exciting but slightly overwhelming. With these many choices out on the market, you can always choose an option to your likeability. Consider and avoid these common vape beginner mistakes before vaping to ensure you have a smooth experience.

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