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5 Creative Ways to Prevent Getting Locked Out of Your House

by John Milton
The Original Locksmith in Boynton Beach

Many Americans admit to often forgetting their keys when leaving home. This can lead to being locked outside your house. However, with simple strategies, you can avoid this problem. You won’t have to stress about being stuck outside again.

Being locked out is a big inconvenience. It messes up your plans and brings stress you don’t need. Luckily, the tips here can help you avoid a lockout. Professional locksmiths suggest these methods to keep your home safe and accessible.

Key Takeaways

  • Develop a consistent routine of checking for your keys before leaving home.
  • Designate a specific spot to store your keys to prevent misplacement.
  • Invest in a key finder or locator device to easily track down lost keys.
  • Safely hide spare keys and distribute them to trusted individuals.
  • Maintain your home’s locks and consider upgrading to smart or electronic locks.

Habit of Checking Keys Before Leaving

Getting into the habit of checking for your keys is smart. It helps a lot in avoiding being locked out. To make it a routine, it might take three weeks. But, stick with it and it will feel like you’ve always done it. Always remind yourself to check for your keys before leaving.

Develop a Routine

Keep your keys in the same place at home to limit lost key incidents. People often lose them by placing them randomly. Instead, use a dedicated spot like a key cabinet, board, or an interior safe near the front door. This way, it’s easier to remember where you’ve left them.

Place Keys in a Designated Spot

If you often lose your keys, consider a key finder. These gadgets connect to your phone. This makes it easy to locate your keys through an app. It can save you both time and frustration.

Use a Key Finder or Locator

Checking for your keys before stepping out is crucial. It helps avoid the hassle of getting locked out. Creating this habit might take a few weeks. But, stay consistent and it will soon be part of your daily routine. Always check for your keys before you go.

Spare Key Management

Keeping an extra key hidden outside can help you avoid lockouts. But, it’s crucial to do it smartly. Don’t go for the old trick of under the doormat. Thieves know about that one. Instead, choose a spot that’s less likely to be checked, such as under a rock or inside a shoe. Plus, it’s a good idea to have more than one extra key. Share them with folks you trust, in case something changes with the first person you give it to.

Hide a Spare Key Safely

Having a spare key outside might save you from being locked out. But be careful where you hide it. Avoid common places like under the doormat. Everyone knows about that one. Choose a less obvious spot, perhaps under a garden rock or inside a shoe.

Distribute Spare Keys to Trusted People

It’s wise to keep several spare keys and give them to people you trust. This way, if you ever get locked out, there’s a good chance someone can help. Just remember, if things change and you no longer fully trust someone with a key, get it back. Keeping keys out there when trust is an issue can be risky.

Replace Spare Keys Periodically

Spare keys left outside can wear down, especially when exposed to the elements. So, make sure to swap them out occasionally. This will keep your spare keys in top shape and ready when you need them.

Locked Out of Your House? Preventive Measures

Locks won’t last forever, even the best ones. They can wear out, especially from trying to force them open. It’s smart to check your locks often and change them when needed. Doing this can stop you from getting locked out because of a fault.

Maintain Locks in Good Condition

Keep your locks in good shape by oiling and checking them often. This routine can make them last longer and work better. If you notice a lock not working well, get a locksmith to look at it. Don’t wait until you’re locked out to fix it.

Install Programmable or Electronic Locks

Want to avoid lockouts from losing keys? Try a programmable or electronic lock at home. They use codes, cards, or apps to open, instead of a key. This makes getting into your home safer and easier, without the worry of lost keys.

Emergency Access Planning

If you get locked out, leaving an upstairs window unlocked can help. Just be sure it’s not easy to reach from the ground. Also, make sure it won’t make your home less secure. You can use a ladder to safely enter through the window.

Have a Locksmith’s Contact Information

If you ever get locked out, calling a professional locksmith is the best solution. They can open your door fast and without any damage. They can also make extra keys to help avoid this problem in the future. Always keep a locksmith’s number handy in case you need it.


Getting locked out is frustrating and stressful. But, you can stop it from happening. Just follow some simple tips. Check for your keys often. Keep spare keys in safe places. Make sure your locks are working well.

If a lockout does happen, stay calm. You can call a locksmith. Look for reliable services, like those of The Original Locksmith in Boynton Beach, Florida. Or find a way to get back in, like through an emergency point. This can make things much easier and less disruptive.

Preventing a lockout is not hard. It takes a little time. Do regular lock checks. Use new keyless systems where you can. And hide spare keys wisely. These steps can keep your home safe and easy to enter.

It’s all about being ready. Start good habits and stay organized. With a few steps, you can control your home’s safety. So, with these tips, you won’t have to stress about being locked out again.


What is the most effective way to prevent getting locked out of your house?

One effective way is to check for your keys before leaving. It takes about three weeks to turn this into a habit. But once you do, you’ll rarely forget again.

Where should you keep your keys to avoid lockouts?

To avoid lockouts, keep your keys in one place, like a key cabinet. This way, you’ll always know where to find them. It’s better than leaving them wherever is handy and then forgetting.

How can a key finder or locator device help prevent lockouts?

Misplacing your keys a lot? A key finder can save you. Attach it to your keys. Then, use your phone to find your keys with an app.

What is the best way to hide a spare key outside your home?

Hiding a key under the doormat is too common. Instead, pick a less expected spot. You can hide it under a rock or in a shoe. This way, you keep your key safe from theft.

Why is it important to have multiple spare keys and distribute them to trusted people?

Giving spare keys to trusted folks means you’ll never be locked out. Make sure to get those keys back if your relationship changes. This way, you stay safe.

How often should you replace your spare keys?

Spare keys can wear out, especially outside. Replace them regularly. This helps keep them in good shape for when you need them.

Why is it important to maintain your home’s locks?

Locks can wear out over time. Keep them well-maintained to avoid lockouts. If they get too old, replace them. This keeps your home secure.

What is the benefit of installing a programmable or electronic lock on your home?

Electronic locks stop the worry of lost keys. They use codes or apps instead. This way, you can always get inside without keys.

What should you do as a last resort if you get locked out of your house?

If all else fails, leaving an upstairs window unlocked might help. Be careful to keep it safe. Always use a ladder safely to prevent accidents.

What is the easiest way to get back into your home if you’re locked out?

Getting locked out isn’t a big deal if you have a locksmith’s number. They can unlock your doors fast. Plus, they can make spare keys to keep you from being locked out again.

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