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5 Jewelry Trends to Try This Year

by Uneeb Khan
5 Jewelry Trends to Try This Year

The pandemic took over the last few years of our life. With the implementation of lockdowns, people hardly stepped out and closed themselves in the house’s four walls; there was not much to dress up for.

So, the past two years were spent jumping from one pajamas to the other, with make-up and jewelry seems like a thing from a different planet. However, with vaccines rolling out and the lockdowns lifted, people were hopeful for a fresher start.

Hence, the newest trends were born to make one feel good about themselves and fall in love with dressing up again. However, while clothing is another forte, one trend which we’d focus on today is the jewelry pieces.

Everyone loves some good jewelry pieces, and if you are a fan of wearing some dainty or thick pieces, this article is for you. Below we have mentioned five jewelry trends that are making this year and are a must for you to try on.

What are the Top 5 Jewelry Trends for 2022?

There is no denying that each year, the fashion industry surpasses our expectations, and the newest trends blow away our minds. However, this year, the jewelry pieces which have fallen in trend aren’t much of what you might not know about, but something there are lesser chances you have worn on daily bases before.

So, if you want to learn the leading jewelry trends of this year, hop on below to find out what they are.

  1. Pearls

Jonathan Bailey’s bane of my existence wasn’t the only thing that people picked out of Bridgeton and fell in love with, but it was their jewelry pieces too. The season showed the regal yet subtle elements like diamond earrings that the characters wore, as well as pearls which were a standout.

So, it was natural for it to become a trend after Bridgeton gained so much popularity. These beautiful ocean treasures were usually considered more heirloom pieces passed down from your grandmothers. However, the modern world is bolder than this when choosing their jewelry. Pearls have become everyday wear for work, formal events, and your go-to everyday wear. Pearls are a fantastic trend found in necklaces, rings, and earrings from Adina Eden. So whichever jewelry article you wear the most, how about incorporating it with pearls for this spring?

  1. Oversized Chains and Thick Rings

If you are someone who wants to stand out in the crowd, then this trend is for you. Thick and oversized jewelry has always been a fantastic option to wear when one wants to elevate a relatively simple-looking outfit.

An oversized or tick chain is a statement piece that not only spices up your outfit but becomes the center of attention itself. The large chains dominate the world of jewelry, and there is no doubt that they look fantastic when worn.

However, rings do not come far behind. Subtle rings are gorgeous; nothing can come near the dominancy a thick and oversized ring gives off. So, if you are more into chunky pieces, this trend is your bandwagon.

  1. Layering

While winters are all about layering yourself with clothes, the layers are changing this summer. The new fashion statement in jewelry and a rising trend this year happens to layer.

Layering means pieces of similar jewelry worn upon each other in different sizes. This looks fantastic and usually goes well when it comes to cool gold chains or artificial ones.

If you are someone who wants to hop on a jewelry trend that doesn’t require chunky pieces to make you stand out, then this is your forte to go with. The layering pieces are subtle and minimal and can still manage to be the star of the show. So, what’s not to love in this trend, right?

  1. Chunky Gold Chains

While layering delicate chains is a trend this year, that isn’t the only bandwagon people are hopping on. In fact, chunky gold chains are also making their way into the top five trends list.

These solid gold chains for men and women are a fantastic addition to spice up your outfits and drag the attention to yourself in an already crowded room. The chunky gold chains are thicker chains that can be in the form of a choker or simply a wide necklace. 

So, if you aren’t a fan of minimalistic designs and like to stand out in the crowd, this summer calls for adding chunky gold chains to your cute summer outfits.

The best part is that these chunky necklaces not only elevate your outfits and look great, but they go well with whatever you plan on wearing this year. So, a chunky statement piece will always work fine, whichever dress it is.

  1. Pops of Colors

One fashion trend in jewelry which is relatively new and unique, has made its way into 2022. While previously worn jewelry pieces were monotonous in color, the trends are changing.

This year, people have started wearing jewelry pieces with a pop of color. This means while the jewelry will be the same as before, the highlight will be a beautiful imprint or color on it, which will steal the show and make it look even more gorgeous.

The trend is beautiful, and we are sure many people will be picking on it. It is easily the best trend this year and we cannot wait to see how our fashion divas pull this one-off.


2022 is an excellent year for many. With Covid-19 restrictions officially lifted, we all started the year with new hopes and spirits to make up for what was lost.

With summer just around the corner and the first warm rays peeking through, we hope you will make the most of it. If you plan on acquiring one of the trends, do it in style and make sure that you make this year one of your dreams.

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