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5 Key Equipment Used for Solids Control

by M Sakhawat
Solids Control

Solid control is a critical process in the oil and gas industry. Without it, harmful solids could enter the production process and cause significant damage. Various vital pieces of equipment are used for solids control, each of which plays an essential role in keeping the system clean. This post will take a closer look at some of the most commonly used equipment and explore how it helps to protect the system.

1. Shale Shaker

Solids control equipment begins with a shale shaker. It is a simple screen you can get from Diamond T Solids Control service providers that allows fluids to pass through while trapping solids. There are two main types of shale shakers:

  • Mechanical Shale Shakers

They use inclined or horizontal vibrating screens. These vibrate at various speeds depending on the opening size of the shaker’s screen.

  • Hydraulic Shale Shakers

They are also called linear motion shale shakers that move the screen back and forth straight. They’re more advanced than mechanical shale shakers and can be computer-controlled to adjust for changes in flow rates and fluids that enter the unit.

2. Sand Trap

Solids control equipment must filter out tiny particles from the fluid stream. This is where sand traps come in. They remove sand, silt, and other small particles from produced fluids. Sand traps can be either static or dynamic. Static sand traps use screens to filter particles, while dynamic units use centrifugal force created by high-speed rotation to separate solids from the fluid stream.

3. Degasser

Degassers remove gas (methane, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide) from the fluid stream. This is important because methane and other gases can create significant safety hazards in the system. Degassers use centrifugal force to separate solids from the fluid stream. They also filter out particles that could cause damage to the system, including sand and scale.

4. Centrifugal Pump

centrifugal pump is a simple well pump that moves fluid through the system. These pumps are designed with many different parts in mind, which means there’s a lot of strategic planning in their construction. It’s important to consider the type of fluids they’ll be used to pump, for example. In solids control systems, centrifugal pumps move fluids from shale shakers and degassers into the next primary component in the system: separators.

5. Separator

A solid-liquid separator is key in oil and gas solids control systems. It removes any liquid that may have been produced due to the sand traps and degassers. This is important because it helps keep the system clean and prevents dangerous situations in which a buildup of liquid could lead to an explosion or other hazards. Moreover, like the entire solids control system, separators are often designed with safety in mind.

As you can see, there are a lot of different components that must be considered when constructing a solids control system. It’s easy to see why so many oil and gas companies turn to reputable companies for the high-quality equipment they need to keep their production systems safe and clean.

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