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5 Major Reasons People Should Invest in Smart Fans

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Smart Fans

Technology has changed the world around us. It has led to several innovations that have revolutionized the world. One such innovation that has recently gained popularity is the smart fan. It is like an ordinary ceiling fan with the exception that it comes equipped with an intelligent controller that lets the user control the fan from wherever they are seated.

If you haven’t switched to a smart fan already, here are five key reasons that will compel you to consider bringing one home.

1.    They make like more comfortable.

How do you switch on/off or vary the speed of a standard ceiling fan? From the switchboard, right? Well, that’s what makes smart fans different from regular ceiling fans. You can control the smart fans without having to move from your place. Smart fans are IoT-enabled which means one can control them with the help of a smartphone or a voice control assistant like Alexa. Smartphones can also be controlled using a remote control. Awesome, isn’t it?

2.    They help save energy.

Besides convenience, smart fans also offer energy efficiency. Smart fans such as the Audie from Luminous India consume 70 watts of power which means you get to make substantial savings on your energy bills. So if you have been procrastinating your smart fan buying decision because you thought that smart fans consume more power as compared to a standard fan, it’s time you get over your misconception about smart fans and bring one home, today.

3.    They add to the beauty of a home’s decor.

Another advantage that smart fans offer is that, unlike traditional standard fans that are plain and simple in design, they are aesthetically designed keeping the home decor in mind. Reputable brands like Luminous India understand the importance of a ceiling fan’s design from an interiors’ perspective. Their Audie smart fan is a beautiful Mirage White color fan that is designed to bring out the beauty of your stylish home.

4.    They offer value for money.

Most people base their fan buying decision on the price of a fan. We suggest that you should consider the value for money that a fan offers instead of simply gauging a fan by its price. Smart fans, for instance, are worth every penny if you consider the benefits they have to offer. In fact, if you buy an energy-efficient smart fan like the Audie, you should rather look at it as a device that gives you great returns on your investment.

5.    They are the in-thing.

Smart fans are the latest buzzword. Their sales are increasing at a very fast rate as almost everyone wants to replace their old standard fan with the latest smart fan. And before you think that people are doing this because of the fear of missing out, let us tell you that people are switching to smart fans because they offer far more benefits as compared to standard fans. So, don’t be left out and make a prudent decision, today.

Want to buy the best smart fan in India?

How do you describe a good smart ceiling fan? The answer is simple. Any fan that offers the above-mentioned benefits can be categorized as a good smart fan. We, therefore, recommend that before you make a final decision, do check out the Audie by Luminous India. It is one of the best-selling smart fans in India that is known for its beautiful looks, superb performance, and reasonable price.

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