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5 Mistakes that Can Make your Back Pain Worse

by M Sakhawat

You wake up and your back is hurting, you are standing in a row and you feel like sitting anywhere, you are sitting and your back is aching and so on… If you have suffered from back pain then you can surely relate to this and many other similar incidences. Back pain can make you uncomfortable and hinder your ability to perform everyday activities. You feel helpless and think about the times when you should have taken better care of your back. 

Back Pain – How it Affects Your Quality of Life?

Back pain is not that big a problem as dealing with it is. People will try everything they hear from all and sundry. They will rely upon home remedies, they will do massages but won’t speak to the doctor who can help them with this problem. Instead of this, they should try manual osteopathic therapy once and they will feel the difference.

I remember one of my uncles had severe back pain for years. Ultimately he went to a  best chiropractor in Islamabad for treatment. The physician revealed that he already had complicated his problem to the extent that they couldn’t treat it completely. 

Common Back Pain Mistakes

We came to know that many things can make your back pain worse. Thus, it is advisable to be mindful of those mistakes that can make your back pain worse. Here are some of these that you need to avoid;

1- Poor sleeping position

Your back is probably your strongest foundation and everything affects how it works. Talking about the things that can make your back pain worse comes the way you sleep. Your sleeping position can be the culprit behind your severe back pain. The kind of mattress you sleep on and the way you put your body weight on your back is certainly important to your back pain severity. Make sure you choose the mattress that is well suited according to your back health

2- Choice of wrong footwear

Footwear comes in all shapes and sizes. One footwear doesn’t go well with everyone. The kind of footwear you choose for yourself greatly affects not only your feet health but your back pain also. One needs to choose footwear according to the occupation and your personal choice.

If you end up choosing the wrong pair for yourself, then you are more likely to experience back pain. If you are already suffering from back pain then the choice of the wrong footwear can make the situation even worse. Thus, it is recommended to seek out suggestions from your doctor so that you don’t put more burden on your back.

3- Lifting weight in a wrong way

Lifting weight improperly is one of the reasons that can make your back pain worse. No matter how much weight it is, if you don’t know how to lift it properly, you are more likely to make your back pain more severe. So, be mindful that you are not bending on your waist and using your core to lift the weight. 

4- Staying physically inactive

You might feel that you need proper rest because you are suffering from back pain, but this can’t be the truth. Sometimes, too much rest can be one reason that your back pain isn’t going away, instead, it’s becoming severe. Thus, it is better to ensure regular physical activity in your daily routine despite the back pain. Doctors usually recommend not doing high-intensity physical activity that is done improperly. If you’re looking for ways to support your posture and relieve back pain, you can also check out posture corrector reviews.

5- Not paying attention to your body weight

Your body weight is important when it comes to your back pain. Anyone who is overweight has an increased risk of suffering from back pain. So, if you are suffering from back pain already, then you must pay attention to your body weight. Then after knowing it you can try many things, from diets to exercises to make it manageable. Not paying attention to your body weight can be one reason that your back pain is becoming more severe. 

Bottom Line!

Back pain is a common yet treatable condition. Anyone can suffer from it though many factors increase your risk of suffering from back pain. It is important to address your back pain immediately to find the right treatment for your problem and prevent it from getting complicated. So, you can start today with a proper diet and physical activity and save yourself from all of this in the long run.  

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