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5 Paid Media Strategy Tips To Amp Up Your Next Campaign

by John Milton
5 Paid Media Strategy Tips To Amp Up Your Next Campaign

Every second, new and engaging material is uploaded to social media. While this is great for the average social media consumer, it can be difficult for brands to break through the noise. Using a paid media agency can help brands stay front and center by ensuring the best content is optimized to the right audience, at the right time.

It’s important to remember that paid media is different from traditional advertising. As a result of huge algorithm developments, brands can use paid media to find, target and engage relevant audiences easily. Each platform is designed to compliment your business goals, whether that’s to raise awareness, lead generation, website traffic or more.

Most platforms have optimized their natice analytic insights to enhance the performance of social media campaigns. Whatever your campaign goals are, the importance of using paid media has never been greater.

So what are some of the benefits?

Amplify your reach

Advertising on social media gives your brand instant visibility, but this isn’t enough. You need consumers to pay attention to your content. In today’s social landscape, brands can easily be lost in the noise, but with paid media, your content is natively placed in the feeds of consumers who matter most. This gives you a direct opportunity to drive leads, traffic and sales.

Align with your budget

One of the benefits of paid media is that it’s cost effective. Each social platform runs on a PPC model, meaning you only pay if users take action. After a few ad cycles, you can refine and further optimize your targeting to drive greater results and ROI.

Enhance your targeting

When using paid media, you have complete control over who views your ad. Each platform offers a variety of targeting options that go beyond basic demographics. You can create a hyper-specific targeting search including psychographic factors including interests, hobbies, incomes and more.

Before deciding your targeting parameters, you should create buyer personas to understand exactly who your target audience is. To enhance your paid media strategy, you need to know where your target audience spends most of their time. You need to align your social media strategy with the behavioral patterns of your target audience.

Boost your brand awareness

Social media automatically increases your brand exposure, but paid media makes it relevant exposure. When your brand regularly appears in users’ feeds, it increases recognition and enhances brand credibility, on top of driving engagement and purchasing behavior.

If you want to generate awareness, you need to create ads that are memorable and informative. Over 80% of Instagram users follow at least one brand, and of this group, at least 30% have made a purchase directly as a result of an Instagram ad.

Have access to mobile users

The penetration of paid media advertising on social media is unrivaled. The time users are spending on social media and their phones is increasing, meaning the opportunity to target them is growing too.

A social ad campaign can help you reach audiences at the moment they want to find, know or purchase a product. Creating ads that mirror native content on the platform can increase engagement and ROI.

Gather relevant marketing insights

The most important part of any campaign, but especially paid campaigns, is understanding what worked, and what didn’t. How did your audience interact with the ads? Which format was most popular? By using native analytic tools within platforms, you can analyze and refine the performance. Deep-dive into your KPIs including clicks, comments and profile visits to determine how your ads are making an impact. 

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