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5 signs you should call a plumber to your house

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5 signs you should call a plumber to your house

Many times we think all that the faulty tap in the kitchen needs is a quick tightening. But before we know it, the whole kitchen is soaking wet. Most of us hesitate to call the plumber, thinking we can resolve the issue ourselves. But some problems need professionals. Managing plumbing issues initially itself is better before they become a bigger problem involving more money, time, energy than needed. In Australia, many plumbers in Newtown offer expert advice on any plumbing issues, no matter how small. So, what are the signs that we should call the plumber?

  • Sewer smell in the house

If the house starts stinking, and if there is a pungent sewer odour, it could be more than just clogged drains. There could be many reasons for the smell. Sometimes it is caused by grime or biofilm buildup in the sink. Sometimes it could be because of improperly fitted pipes. A clogged drain or vent pipes could also cause the walls around the hose to smell.

Often rains and storms damage sewers and can cause them to stink. It could also be a ventilation problem. Anything from the washing machine to the walls in the kitchen can be the source of the problem. Sometimes the bacteria in the water might be the reason for the strange smell. Whatever the reason for the odour, it is better to call the plumber to deal with the issue since they are better equipped than us to find out the cause and deal with it. 

  • Dripping tap

Nothing is more irritating than the sound of a dripping tap. Sometimes all it needs to stop the sound is a firm tightening of the faucet. But sometimes, that is not enough to cease the dripping. More than the annoying sound, a leaky tap causes a lot of water waste that goes unnoticed.

It is usually indicative of a plumbing issue that needs attention. The constant dripping might be because of pressure buildup or cracks in the pipe. A call to the plumber can fix the problem and also help save water. 

  • Low water pressure

Sometimes water coming from the tap is very slow and takes up a lot of time to fill. This low water pressure might delay any job from cooking to showering. Nobody wants to wait a long time for a trickling tap to fill a glass with water. The low pressure could be because of many reasons. The pipe might have broken, or there could be a clog somewhere along the way. Calling any plumber in Newtown will resolve the issue. 

  • Unavailability of hot water due to unknown circumstances

Standing under a trickling cold shower head is not anyone’s idea of a good time. If the water heater runs out of hot water, it could mean all the hot water got used up. But if the heater takes a lot of time to warm up water or never does, it is time to call in the plumber. The reason could be anything from faulty pilot light to a tripped breaker or a flooded compartment. The plumber can identify the issue and rectify it. 

  • Leaky water heater

Sometimes water heaters start leaking. When that happens, it is better to call the plumber right away. There could be a loose valve, or the heater might have aged and need replacement. Calling the plumber will prevent further issues.

Certain plumbers in Newtown also offer scheduled maintenance for plumbing systems. Regular inspections help in maintaining and caring for appliances and plumbing.

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