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5 Ways You Can Make Your Tweets More Engaging

by John Milton
Tweets More Engaging

Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms in the world, and with over 321 million active users tweeting, it is probably the most attractive place for people and businesses alike to grow their branding online.

Probably the biggest factor in successfully growing your presence on Twitter is how your account’s tweets are doing. This refers to the number of likes, comments, favorites, and retweets that you get per tweet on average. The more engagement on your tweets you get, the more your online branding will grow.

So, you want to increase your engagement levels on Twitter? Well, the first step is to make your tweets more visually engaging! There are a number of ways to do this, and so we’re going to be going over how to make your tweets more engaging in this article.

Your Profile Picture

A lot of people seem to forget that their profile picture is stapled right on every tweet they send out! If you don’t have an eye-catching profile picture, then you will simply not have eye-catching tweets. When users are scrolling down their Twitter feed, the first things that catch their attention aren’t words, but pictures and graphics.

We recommend making your profile picture match with the content of your Twitter page. So, if you run a pizza shop’s Twitter, then you probably want something that represents pizza as your profile picture. Here’s a great example of a profile picture matching the contents of a Twitter account.

Like, Retweet, Favorite, and Comment

This is a biggie. So many people on Twitter do not engage at all with other tweets in their feed. If you want engagement on your own tweets, you’re going to have to start giving a little back.

Especially true for marketing accounts, you really need to participate to show that your account is not just a big digital billboard. When people see an account like their content, they’ll be more inclined to like that account’s content in the future, therefore increasing the engagement levels.

Don’t Tweet Paragraphs

A common mistake so many Twitter accounts make when trying to promote their content is doing it in large, bulky paragraphs. Especially since the number of characters you’re allowed to use in one tweet has been updated from 140 to 280, your tweets can become text-walls.

The apparent sweet-spot for tweets is between 80 and 110 characters according to numerous sources, like this article on AdEspresso.

Tweet During Active Times

This one is going to play a huge factor on how well your tweets are doing. If you’re tweeting when no one is looking at Twitter, then your tweet will be lost into the abyss by the time people start to use Twitter. For example, if you are tweeting at 2:00 AM for a local business, no one following that account will be awake to see your tweet!

You should also know your audience. This will really depend on the type of account you run. Try to think what the average person following you is interested in, and what their demographics (age, gender, country) are. Using this information, you should be able to guess roughly when the most amount of your followers will be online to see your tweets.

Twitter Ads

This might be a good idea if you’re struggling to grow a following right away, and want to make it to people’s screens for sure. With Twitter Ads, you can pay Twitter to promote your tweet to thousands of people.

On the Twitter Ad page, simply click “Start a Campaign” and follow the steps to promote your content on Twitter. This is a sure way to get a larger outreach, but it comes at a monetary expense.

Wrapping It Up

In this article, we went over five of the best ways to increase engagement levels for your tweets on Twitter. Social Media marketing is a huge area of advertising now, and is growing exponentially as our world goes digital. It is very important to know how to effectively grow an audience on Twitter, and this article aimed to give tips on just that.

We hope that you were able to learn something new from this article, and wish you success with your tweeting!

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