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6 Great Ways To Build Engagement On Instagram 

by John Milton

One of the most crucial indicators a business will consider when choosing influencers is a strong Instagram engagement rate. If your audience engages with your information and your updates are of good grade, then the engagement rate (ER) becomes high. Brands seek assurances that the paid advertising will be engaging for large numbers of their consumers and prompt them to take action. Therefore, it implies that the higher your business collaborations, the more excellent your engagement rate is.

How Is The Engagement Rate Determined?

The number of content engagements you receive and the user base influences your ER. The most significant post engagements, according to Instagram, are likes, comments, reshares, and views. Instagram has introduced the Reel feature primarily to build engagement. You can post content on reels for plenty of users to watch it. You can also buy Instagram reels views to make it viewed by users globally.

How Can I Boost The Engagement Rate On Instagram?

We know the answer to the most crucial question! Although there are numerous tactics you may use, these ten are the most effective in terms of raising your Instagram interaction rate, in my opinion.

1. Publish Carousel Posts

Construct a carousel out of in-feed content if you plan to post it. Compared to single in-feed photos and clips, it has been demonstrated that they enjoy a greater engagement rate. Once all ten carousel panels have been used, they draw far more engagements. A carousel post could be used to display before-and-after pictures, photo dumping, and threads with tips. Utilize these posts to provide the audience with as much knowledge and information as possible; this will encourage them to save the content for later, increasing engagement.

2. Put A Face To Your Instagram Handle

You must try to include your picture in the Instagram posts if it fits with your specialty. Instagram images with human faces on them are 32+% more certain to get comments as well as 38+% more likely to get likes. People enjoy others. Your fans desire the ability to match a face with an Instagram account. They will be more willing to interact with the content because it seems more personalized.

3. Consider When To Post

If you know that most of your viewers are available online, update at peak hours. Your chances of receiving more engagements increase with the number of people who view your posting. Examine your follower statistics to find out when your peak periods are. You may find out from your insights the time of day and what day of the week the fans will be most active. To make sure you upload within their local hours, bear in mind where the core of your viewers is situated. This will assist you in planning your content to optimize engagements. 

4. Take Maximum Advantage Of Instagram

The most effective influencers upon the platform make use of all of the benefits offered by the application, they affirmed once Instagram went live. In-feed posts, Story, Live, IGTVs, and Reels are included. Recently, people are opting to get more free Instagram reels views trial to build their reel engagement to a higher level. After which, your Instagram profile will increase interaction as you utilize it more frequently. And sure, all those fan interactions do increase your engagement rate significantly.

5. Attract Followers Using Unique Captions

By providing an exciting caption for them all to respond to, you may keep your customers on your page for a long time. If the caption motivates people to like, post, save, and remark, you’ll increase customer engagement and the likelihood that they’ll interact with you. Use witty wording, emoticons, capital letters, or additional space among letters to keep the opening line attention-grabbing. Use captions to offer mini-blog-style “how and where to” tutorials to add quality. Employ dot points and keep viewers’ attention. To entice your fans to express their thoughts or reply in the comments, this is also a wise option to pose a question toward the conclusion of the caption.

6. Use Well-Researched And Pertinent Hashtags

Hashtags are a fantastic tool to broaden your audience, get more eyes on the content, and boost engagement. Only include hashtags pertinent to the content and make intelligent use of the limited supply. For example, on a time-lapse video, avoid using #stopmotion. Don’t forget to research as well. Verify that the hashtag is popular and being used by many other creatives. It’s also a positive sign if people in your audience use the hashtag. Additionally, be sure to look at the hashtags that other content providers in your area are utilizing in their work.


Keep in mind that increasing your interaction rate requires patience and time. It won’t happen right away. However, the more you try new things and explore various approaches, the more outcomes you’ll begin to see – and the more businesses will want to work with you. Oh, and be sure to keep tabs on your progress. Then, it will be simpler for you to brag about how hard you worked!

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