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6 keys to organizing your work better

by John Milton
organizing your work better

Suppose your time, your ideas, and your workspace are well organized. In that case, it becomes easier to rationalize your actions and thoughts and bring your projects and objectives to a successful conclusion.

What are the most effective ways of getting organized to be more productive? With the 6 tips above, we help you adopt the right mindset so that organization becomes second nature to you.

From time management to CBD for relaxation and anxiety, find out simple ways to get organized.

1. Create blocks of time/task

Good planning is the basis of all productivity and gets you up and running. To do this, observe yourself: are you more efficient in the morning? In the afternoon?

Think about when you work best and group your tasks according to the time of day that suits you.

As a general rule, mornings are ideal for tasks that require thought and/or urgent, essential tasks. Midday is a tricky time of day because your energy levels have probably dissipated. This is the time to carry out tasks that you consider boring and routine and don’t require much brainpower! For example, answering emails, making appointments, etc.

Sometimes you may need to work in the evening or prefer this time of day. Evenings can be reserved for planning and preparing for the following day.

2. Define what’s important.

Is it urgent? Important? Both? Learning to define a task helps you to prioritize more effectively. Determining your priorities allows you to work more intelligently, calmly, and often quickly.

3. Be productive, but don’t overload yourself!

This is another reason is why doing the important and/or urgent tasks first is best. It’s okay to overload your diary. It’s true that if you feel in great shape, you tend to overdo it, but if you have a bit of time left over, take advantage of this freedom to carry out tasks and activities that you never have time to do and that give you pleasure.

4. Concentrate

The worst thing about working? Being interrupted all the time! And these days, with all the untimely mobile notifications, WhatsApp groups and e-mails, the temptation to get sidetracked is excellent… This phenomenon – or ‘novelty bias’ – causes us to change tasks involuntarily and wastes more time than we’d like to think.

A word of advice? Put your mobile phone out of sight and deactivate mobile and computer notifications. Listen to soft music, preferably without words like jazz or classical, if you can.

5. Tidy and organize your workspace

Whether you work from home or in a company, a clean and organized workspace (physical and virtual offices) promotes efficiency and concentration.

6. How does CBD affect concentration?

CBD can become a natural support for completing your tasks without interruption. To understand its action on attention and concentration, we need to look at its effects on the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which includes the nervous and immune systems. This hemp extract helps regulate the functions of the ECS to maintain the body’s homeostasis.

How can I use CBD to stay focused?

Even if it doesn’t eliminate sources of distraction, CBD can help you manage your stress better, get back on track with your sleep cycle and regulate your dopamine production.

Consumption of CBD combined with a reduction in distracting external factors will help you to concentrate better. CBD oils from JustBob.shop are an effective solution for improving attention quickly. They are practical to use and easy for the body to absorb. 1 to 2 drops of CBD oil twice a day may be enough to optimize concentration, depending on the dosage of CBD. The same applies to capsules.

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