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6 Qualities of a Great Skateboard

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6 Qualities of a Great Skateboard

Skateboarding is a sport played by millions of youngsters around the world. It is a fun sport and a great exercise for youngsters during their free time and vacations. The deck, trucks, and wheels/casters are the major parts of the skateboard.

The decks of skateboards are made of maple plywood, and they have polyurethane wheels attached to their underside by a pair of skateboarding trucks. The skateboard decks are usually strong and can endure heavy loads.

Now, everyone knows how a skateboard works, but history is what most people don’t know. Skateboarding started in the 1950s in California, and the prototype was made from roller skates. They combined wheels of roller skates with a board and rode it for fun. Soon, it became a thing, and this sport was called skateboarding.

There are many tournaments and freestyling competitions of skateboarding around the world with a massive audience.

The features of a great skateboard can be listed as below:

1.A Legit Skateboard Deck

The skateboard decks are usually made up of maple or bamboo pressed into a simple symmetrical shape. The nose of the deck will be equal to or longer than the tail. The deck is always concave (U shape) along with the whole board, and both ends are angled upward (known as the kick of the board).

A high-quality skateboard is lightweight and durable. It will give you the flexibility and rigidity that allows the board to respond during stunts and tricks, especially when the board has to be popped off the ground.

2.Hot Wheels

A high-quality skateboard will have minimal additive polyurethane wheels. A toy skateboard for kids will have plastic or low-quality poly mix wheels, but for a performance skateboard, polyurethane wheels are a must.

An excellent skateboard wheel will have the brand/manufacturer’s name on it, the diameter (in millimetres) and the durometer (toughness). They cost between $20 to $40, but if you plan to buy wheels from top brands, the price may go higher.

3.Good Bearings

The bearings are as important as the wheels. There’s no use of a pair of nice wheels if the bearings are bad. Good-quality bearings may cost from $10 to $16. A low-quality bearing may work well on your skateboard, but the performance will be way lower than the one you get from top-class brands.

4.Proper Trucks

After the wheels and bearings, the next vital part of the skateboard is the truck. Trucks are the part that connects the board to the bearings and wheels. It is like the car’s axle and is powerful to hold the weight on the board.

The size of the trucks is the same as the deck and aligned with the outer edge of the deck.

5.Good Grip Tape

The skateboard is of no use if there’s no proper grip on the deck. It is perilous to have a slippery skateboard, especially if you are performing stunts and tricks. A good grip tape will help you stay on the board during stunts and regular rides. So ensure you buy a branded grip tape.

6.Assembly by Experts

People always prefer a skateboard made/assembled by a professional skateboarder over a skateboard made in the assembly line. The skateboarder will know to tweak minor changes to make the board do better on the roads, and the board will benefit from having a skater’s eye.

If you plan to buy a new skateboard for yourself or your friend, these points will help you choose the right one.

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