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6 Strategies and tips to learn before attempting the AWA section in GRE test

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AWA section

Strategies and tips to prepare for GRE depend on the amount of time available and also based on the preferences of how you like to prepare them. For the successful cracking of GRE and its score, knowing the pattern and also the preparation is the right solution.

With many sessions in the GRE examination, it is difficult to crack the exam without following any tips. When you follow strategies you can easily crack the score and get into the top universities with ease.

As AWA section of GRE assesses the ability of your thinking ability and your ideas, this is the crucial section of the test. This also helps how well you can develop and increase your position on an issue and this helps to gain more attention towards the recruiters.

Here in this article, we discuss about the strategies and tips to attempt the AWA section in the GRE examination:

  • Practice yourself writing three essays

As we all know that practice makes easy. Although studying online and practice reading, writing it will improve your ability. The best path to get into the time frame is to practice it. So ensure to take the writing skills in a test-like environment and start working out. If you feel you are a good writer, you might be willing to take up the test without any practice, which is not again advisable. Many of us are good writers and thus in this competitive world, your scores might reveal about your ability. So practice taking up three essays before appearing for the actual exam.

  • Do not waffle on the issue of the GRE essay

Remember you have a time constrain to take up the test. With the less time, you don’t wish to debate on the either side of the topic provided in the GRE part and although you are not sure about the points to talk about, you still have to end up doing it effectively. How you are defending is not as important as you are choosing the side of the defending. Thus take a little time in choosing the topic before you start writing the essay.

  • Ensure to provide examples that are relevant to the topic you are writing

With the wide range of subjects, you can include the AWA GRE examples you have faced personally to provide it more attractive and attentive to the readers. Ensure not to let your exams dominant your essay and so the topics you are choosing should be more attractive and should be able to gain attention as well. The main goal of the topic you are writing about should be a point to prove and thus choose the example that defends your point.

Other tips to attempt AWA section of GRE include:

  • Refrain from using the self-reference and first-person conversation
  • Ensure to provide strong and declarative statements
  • Do not provide any opposing view in the conclusion part of the essay


The above tips of how to take up the AWA section of GRE can help you to go through the examination and crack the test score easily without any much effort. Ensure you need to practice essay before appearing the GRE test.

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