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6 Tips for Beginning Digital Nomads You Shouldn’t Miss!

by John Milton
Digital Nomads

Attention novice digital nomads: are you planning to become a digital nomad? Or are you just starting digital nomad? In this article, six super handy tips for starting digital nomads!

Challenges and Pitfalls for Novice Digital Nomads

You see it all right. Enjoying the beach with your laptop, a cocktail in hand, working a bit and diving into the sea now and then. Is not it nice? But still… Usually, the life of a digital nomad doesn’t look like this. And especially not if you are one of the starting digital nomads.

You can find that your interests differed at the pace of your new life. For example, you can find yourself a lover of casino games for iPhone, or you may want to communicate with your friends by chatting on WhatsApp instead of calls because this allows you to perform other works simultaneously.

Beginning Digital Nomads: 6 Tips that Make a World of Difference

Leave your traditional life behind for a life as a digital nomad. That is not something you experience every day; this can be a tough transition. Especially in the beginning. Below are six tips that will help you further!

Tip 1: Design Your Digital Nomad Lifestyle

There are many ways to live the digital nomad lifestyle. How long do you want to stay in one place? How much do you want to travel? Which countries do you want to visit? And why? How do you want to make friends along the way? And how do you ensure that you also maintain a healthy lifestyle?

And so I could ask 101 other questions. So it can’t hurt to grab a pen and paper and write down your new lifestyle as a novice digital nomad. Get inspired, write it down and live it.

Tip 2: Take a Test Trip

When you choose to go through life as a digital nomad, it can be wise to first make a test trip (or several!). Go abroad for a weekend, midweek or even a month (the ultimate test) and work from there. See how you like it. You can even make a longer trip afterwards and only then make a choice.

These test trips also help you to see the downsides of the digital nomad lifestyle. The advantages are often well known, but experiencing these disadvantages is a pleasant experience and gives you a better insight into the lifestyle. So, take it in smaller steps and then take the step if it feels right for you.

Tip 3: Be Aware of the Challenges

As already indicated in the third tip: we are often only the benefits and fun things of, for example, other digital nomads (and influencers are also an excellent example of this). Beneath the surface, however, there are many more things to arrange.

Every lifestyle has its advantages and disadvantages. It is therefore useful for novice digital nomads to also know the biggest challenges of a digital nomad. And even more good news: I’ve already done the research for you. Read here the 4 biggest disadvantages and challenges for novice digital nomads (and how to deal with them).

Tip 4: Create an Online Income

Sounds logical right? Yet there are quite a lot of novice digital nomads who start their journey without an online income. And you can, but I don’t recommend doing it. Changing your lifestyle alone takes a lot of time and energy.

Let alone that you also have to create an online income. Something you don’t ‘just’ do either. Both require a lot of time and energy, which is why it is better to have an online income before you get a taste of the digital nomad lifestyle. In any case, that gives a lot more peace of mind!

Tip 5: Know What You Want (and Everything Will Be 10x Easier)

There is another extra challenge, especially for starting digital nomads, and that is the FMO effect (Fear Of Missing Out). When you live in other countries, you naturally want to do as much as possible in those countries. That’s great and fun, but it can also stop you from doing what’s most important to you in the end (and there’s still work to be done, of course).

Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by all the (endless) options. You can only do that by knowing exactly what you want. Know yourself, choose how you want to do it and everything becomes 10x easier. Good luck!

Tip 6: Get to Know Yourself Better, Be Flexible & Enjoy!

There is another extra challenge, especially for starting digital nomads and that is the FOMO effect (Fear Of Missing Out). Missing a certain country, event, meetup or whatever it may be. It almost sounds childish, but the FOMO effect is strong among digital nomads (and perhaps people in general).

For beginning digital nomads it is extra important to get to know yourself well. This way you know better what you can and cannot handle, what you do and don’t want to miss and how you can tackle things. That way you can enjoy the digital nomad lifestyle step by step. Go for it!

The Most Important Thing for Budding Digital Nomads!

Apply the mentioned tips step by step. Or better yet, use them as a checklist for yourself. Which tips are you already applying? Which not yet? And which one would you like to pay more attention to?

The digital nomad lifestyle may seem simple. It also takes a lot of time, patience and discipline to keep doing something like this for a more extended period.

Could you use those few handy tips to shape the digital nomad lifestyle and get more profits from the internet? In the end, be sure to check out more info about author! Did you like the site? Add it to your bookmarks, and check it now and then for even more free tips and inspiration.

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