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6 Ways To Use Instagram Stories As A Musician

by John Milton
6 Ways To Use Instagram Stories As A Musician

As a musician, you must balance promoting your music and creating a genuine connection with your audiences. On one side, you need to promote your music and ask your audience to support you. But, simultaneously, you must show your raw personality and be honest with them so your audience finds you relatable. With Instagram and Instagram stories, balancing both sides is becoming manageable for a musician. Instagram lets you use features such as reels, stories, lives, image posts, and even its TV for you to make a post. 

Instagram story is where you can share small messy details of your process for your audience to view. Musicians buy Instagram story views to gain new audiences, support, and engagement. Many artists and creators use their feeds to post the perfect picture, but Instagram stories can show your messy side.  Moreover, it allows to download Instagram video and reels. Let’s start by focusing on how you can effectively use the Instagram story feature as a musician. Here are some tips along with the examples mentioned.

Use Poll For Engagement

Instagram polls are hard to be swipes left without feedback from its users. However, you can compel your audience to get involved in your business by asking simple yes or no questions. For example, these can be questions about which merch design they will be ready to invest in or even which cover music your audience wants you to do next. After adding the image with both options, select the poll sticker and ask them to choose. Once you have shared a poll, wait a few hours for your audiences to respond so you can choose easily. In addition, you can also ask them simple questions like if they like the new music you produced or the new cover design with simple yes or no polls and engage with your audience.

Use Emoji Sliders For Feedback

Similarly, like poll stickers, you can find emoji sliders that let your audience tell you how much or how less they like something. For example, select a part of your music or your lyrics to post in your Instagram story and use an emoji slider with a cute emoji. Once your audience sees the story, they will come in contact with your question and slide the emoji to give feedback. Produce an interactive and creative Instagram story that will compel your audience to leave feedback before moving with the next story in line. These emoji sliders give you feedback as the average percentage selected by the people rather than each selection made by your audience.

Use Stories For Cross-Promotions

Did you recently make a full-length music video, or your new merch is out? Then take a picture or a clip of the latest video or merch and share them in your Instagram story with a Link sticker. A link sticker allows your audience to get redirected to the landing page of your music video or your merch website in one tap. With Instagram stories, you can encourage your audience with a call to action statement. In addition, by using your Instagram story for promotions, you can drive traffic from your Instagram to your website, increasing the visibility of your music.

Share Exclusives

You must know to appreciate your audience who are up to date with your Instagram story posts. For example, you can share a coupon code or two for your merch, and your audience will appreciate those. Additionally, you can share exclusive unreleased music content or tiny sneak peeks in your Instagram story to make them feel special. When you share content through Instagram stories, your audience feels like they are the first few people getting access to a new announcement. So encourage your audience with sweet content and promotion codes through your Instagram story.

Promote Music With Instagram Stories

You can market your music in the Instagram story by creating a video clip announcing the music release and adding a link stick so your audience can navigate there easily. As a musician, using Earnviews will take your stories to the Explore Page for popularity. You can also use the location and the hashtag such as #ViralTimeZone sticker so your audiences can locate you quickly by searching for the same. In addition, to engage your music with your audiences, use Instagram stories for an effective sales boost.

Share New Posts

Instagram has made many changes to its algorithm lately that sometimes make your audience miss your new posts and reels. So, whenever you make a new post, share it on your Instagram story so your audience won’t miss out. You can also put up a countdown sticker informing your audiences about your new music post upload time in your Instagram story. This simple method creates excitement and curiosity for your audiences, forcing them to stay in the loop with your Instagram story. Instagram stories are the best way to move the Instagram algorithm to boost your music visibility.

Winding Up

Musicians need to have a significant online presence to earn money. The Instagram story lets a musician build an online presence to connect with your audience and promote promotions. Post only quality content on your Instagram story that your audience can enjoy and find useful. Use the above examples if you are starting as a musician on Instagram.

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