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7 Fantastic Things to Buy in Philippines

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7 Fantastic Things to Buy in Philippines

7 Fantastic Things to Buy in Philippines

One of the best things to do when you head to a new destination is buying the local souvenirs for reliving the great moments that you have experienced in that place. Souvenirs can also be great gift ideas for presenting them to your friends and loved ones. That being said, our blog post is going to list some really cool things to buy in Philippines for treasuring unforgettable moments of your holiday in this vast archipelagic nation of more than 7000 islands.

Bucket-list of Philippine Souvenir Items:

Filipino Pearls

Philippines is renowned for its produce of high quality South Sea Pearls. The native Badjao people of the nation take the credit for sourcing the best South Sea Pearls of the nation from the bottom of the South Pacific Sea surrounding the islands. This is one of the fantastic things to buy in Philippines, just make sure you buy a couple of them for treasuring fond remembrances of the country

Jeepney Toy

Jeepneys are signature style modes of public transportation in the Philippines. Jeepneys are military jeeps, once used by the American military base during WW2. Today the Filipino people have given them a new look and feel by painting them with bright colors and use them as public transportation modes with a Filipino vibe. Besides touring the city in a jeepney, you must also buy a miniature toy model of the Jeepney for getting a true feel of the country.


There’s no better way of experiencing Philippines than taking home a few bottles of Lambonag- a signature style coconut wine that is native only to Philippines and is made by fermenting the sap of coconut. Go ahead and buy some Lambonag as souvenirs during a tour of the island-nation to gift them to your friends.

Abaca Products

This is unarguably the most sought-after souvenir found in the Filipino islands and buying them can make a huge difference to your lifestyle. Abaca products are made from a banana variety which is native only to the Philippines and they come as curtains, slippers and rugs which are high on utility.

Whang-Od tattoo

This must be on top of your bucket-list of things to buy in Philippines. Apo Whang-Od is a top tattoo Filipino artist, recognized as the Last Mambabatok (Tatoo Master) on this face of the earth. Getting an inked tattoo done from the most revered Whang-Od is one of the best souvenirs that you could think of for treasuring ever lasting memories of your vacation in this huge nation.


Most of us know that Kubing is famed for its bamboo products. But we bet you wouldn’t have heard of this native Filipino musical instrument- Kubing, a jaw harp made out of bamboo. What makes it even more unique is the pleasant sound from the bamboo sheathing, a must-buy souvenir for reliving your unforgettable moments in Philippines.

Sungka Board Game

One of the great traditional Filipino gifts for children is Sungka Board Game. This is made of wood, resembles the shape of a boat and comes with shell stones; it is widely used for foretelling rather than playing a board game, a must-buy for gifting to little children.

Now that you have got a good insight on the top things to buy in Philippines, don’t you think it’s time you planned a holiday in this huge archipelagic nation for not only buying its local souvenirs but also experiencing its rich Filipino cuisine and other Instagram-worthy islands and beaches?

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Meta Description: Are you one of those who shops till you drop? Then we have the perfect list for fantastic things to buy in Philippines when you explore this beautiful land.

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