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7 Most Popular Part Time Jobs In UAE

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7 Most Popular Part Time Jobs In UAE

Working for part-time jobs in UAE can be an enriching journey both mentally and financially. Part-Time jobs have always been a matter of discussion for people in UAE, as most people often find it confusing based on the employment laws to work for multiple employees also the visa process and other requirements also need to be fulfilled. So, if you are the one looking for part-time jobs in the UAE. Then here are most demanded part-time jobs in UAE and the answers to some major questions related to part-time jobs: –

Freelance Writers

Freelance writing is one of the major part-time jobs in UAE as the country has a lot of dependency on content and hence most companies hire potential candidates both freshers and experienced to curate and develop different formats of content for various mediums. This job profile required a candidate to have an excellent command of Arabic, English and should know how to persuade people.

Business Development Executives or Sales Executives

UAE is a developed economy hence; most companies have a high demand for sales executives at various times such as peak seasons. These companies almost all through the year have various part-time jobs opportunity in the sales department so candidates who fit in the job role are hired to work with the company. This profession requires a candidate to have a graduation degree or a diploma certificate.

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Tour Guide

UAE is a prime tourist destination and most tourists pay hefty amounts for tour guides. This is one of the most preferred and demanded part-time jobs in UAE by potential native candidates. To be a tour guide it is essential for a candidate to have knowledge of the country’s past, should apply for tourism guide license and valid residence proof.

Arabic Translator

Arabic translator is a great part-time job as this is one of the highly paid professions in UAE and is mostly demanded in schools and embassies. One who wants to start a career as a part-time Arabic translator should have a post-graduate degree in Arabic language or advanced diploma in the Arabic language. To opt for this job profile, one should know intermediate or advanced levels of other languages as well to translate effectively.

Creative Designer

If you have the skills to use photoshop, coral draw, illustrator, flash, premier pro, etc. Then a Creative designer is the best part-time job profile for you. These professionals are required by most media and advertising organizations. This part-time job has a high demand as the recruiters constantly look for potential creative designers to run a business effectively and efficiently. With a high workload, most of these companies require more creative designers and prefer to hire them on [part time basis.

Online Tutors

Being an online tutor can give you a great chance to learn and earn. This job role allows one to register with multiple EdTech companies and get great compensation. To start in this job role, one should have a graduation degree or a 4 years university degree in a relevant subject to be an online tutor or a part-time teacher with a public or a private school.

Call Center Executives

Call Center jobs are extremely popular in major cities in Dubai. Most people during or after their graduation, take up this highly paying part-time job in UAE. Call center part-time jobs are highly beneficial for people who may like lively culture and freedom to work. In this job profile, one needs to spend 6 hours in the office or online with customers.

So, these are the top 7 part time jobs in UAE one may opt and make great earning.

Important questions related to part-time jobs in UAE:

Q: Can a UAE resident take up part-time jobs?

A: To take up part-time jobs in UAE, the candidate needs to have a temporary work permit with state authority to start part-time jobs. This work permit is issued in UAE by the Ministry of Labor or Ministry of Human Resources Emiratization.

Q: At what age one may start a part-time job in UAE?

A: For adults to take up this job the work visa is given after 18 years of age (employed or unemployed). Although, the country has a special provision to provide juvenile work permits for youngsters between 15to 18 years.

Q: What are the extra requirements for a full time employed candidate to take part-time work permit?

A: As per the stated laws of UAE. If a candidate is employed and engaged in a full-time job then he needs to submit a NOC from his present employee to the Ministry of Labor or Ministry of Human Resources Emiratization. In addition to this, the residency of the candidate should be valid for more than 6 months.

Q: How long is the validity of a part-time work permit in UAE?

A: The first-time validity of this work permit is 6 months, after that the part-time employer needs to submit a renewal letter to the Ministry of Labor or Ministry of Human Resources Emiratization along with the past NOC certificate.

Q: Where can I get the complete information about part-time work permits including cost etc. for UAE?

A: This can be well addressed at the official website of  Ministry of Labor (UAE).

So, if you are the one looking for part-time jobs in the UAE. Then these are the best job options and the major questions that are asked by the potential candidates.

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