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7 WordPress plugins for improving the user experience

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7 WordPress plugins for improving the user experience

When creating a WordPress page, it is essential to create one that will provide visitors with a comprehensively good experience.

Therefore, it is crucial to install the right plugins to make sure the user experience has a good outcome, and the user will revisit your page and hopefully bring more visitors.

There are a few methods to improve the user experience.

Visitors are usually short on time, thus it’s crucial to increase the speed of your website. Do that by minimizing the number of JavaScript and CSS files, reduce the number of plugins, or optimizing the size of images and videos on your website.

Web Analytics Tools, such as Google Analytics, will help you understand the user and his needs. By implementing the provided information, you can improve your website and make it more user-friendly. If you’re looking for professional assistance in optimizing your website, consider seeking the expertise of a skilled agency specializing in WordPress web design Perth.

Improve the conversion rate by adding sticky elements or add a live chat to a website.

You can improve SEO by publishing relevant content and making your website mobile-friendly.

All of the above is achievable if we install good plugins.

There are so many plugins to choose from, but we are here to help you narrow down the choice. We have created a list of 7 plugins to make your experience and users’ experience enjoyable.

  1. WP Reset 

Owners of WordPress sites usually install many plugins to make the site as good and high quality as possible.

That sometimes has an opposite effect, where the page is then cluttered and running slowly. WP Reset will help you discard the clutter and unnecessary plugins with one click.

The main features are:

Snapshot will keep the setup you had before you made any changes. For example, you’d like to try some new plugins, you install and activate them, and then they turn out to be a disaster for your page. The previous setup can be recovered with a snapshot earlier taken, and therefore your page is saved.

Emergency Recovery Script will help you recover lost or accidentally deleted files. No matter what the problem, whether it is a white screen of death, compromised core files, or your site has been hacked and you can’t access admin, this feature will fix it.

Nuclear reset is a feature that will help you to start from scratch. You have just created a new WordPress page and would like to test out plugins to see which one works best for you. Once you’re done, your page is messy, and would like to start over, but this time you’ll know which plugins to install. Nuclear reset will swipe clean the whole site, to give you a fresh beginning.

Collections help you save time on installing and deleting plugins. You can create a collection of plugins, add wanted plugins, and with a click of a button install them.

  1. WP Sticky

With WP Sticky, you can make any element on your site sticky.

It can make a sticky header/menu, navigation, widgets, basically anything you can think of. The sticky element will follow the user as they scroll down. WP Sticky will enhance the user experience by making the page faster and more comfortable to use.

The main features are:

Pick Visually lets you pick the element with one click off the screen. No need to mess with code, just a simple pick and click and you have a sticky element.

All things sticky allows you to make as many as you wish elements sticky.

Runs With Everything is self-explanatory, it is compatible with every theme, page builder, or plugin.

WP Sticky is flexible to fill all your requirements. It can enable sticky elements for some pages only, you can decide how far from the top you want to place the sticky element, it can push up element once you scroll down, and so many great features.

  1. Simple Author Box

Simple Author Box allows you to display background information about yourself. This plugin will show the author’s name, social media profiles, avatar, and of course, a description.

Simple Author Box is fully adjustable for you. You can choose any font, color, design, avatar, style of letters. To make sure visitors have access to your social media profiles, add a link to your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Quora, or YouTube account.

The main features are:

Link control lets you adjust the behavior of a link, by either opening link in a new tab or by adding a nofollow link trait.

Color schemes, create as colorful an author box as you wanted to be by manually picking the color schemes or use already designed templates to complete the look.


control allows you to be creative, by giving you full control over how you want your author box to look.

Multiple Authors –  when you run a larger project with multiple authors, you can easily add all of them with this feature.

With the growing number of guest posts, it is challenging to add all the authors, but with this plugin, it can be easily addressed.

  1. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP by ExactMetrics

Connect the Google Analytics account to ExactMetrics and let the fun begin.

With this plugin, you’ll be able to increase conversions and improve traffic. It will help you figure out what content attracts more people and which one doesn’t. ExactMetrics will show you where are visitors coming from and where are they going. You will have so many features to choose from like checking from what country your visitors are coming from, new vs returning visitors, or a bounce rate.

The main features are:

Real-time statistics will show you real-time visitors who are currently on your website. Not only that you can see the geographic location of current visitors you can also monitor for any traffic spikes.

Universal tracking can track any user, no matter the device there using. Using this collected data in the right way can double up your mobile visitors.

Google Analytics Dashboard will provide you with the overall report to help you understand users’ behavior. You will have a deep look into what user demand and how you can adapt your website to their behavior.

  1. IvorySearch 

You don’t want your users to get lost or get frustrated because they couldn’t find the needed article. IvorySearch plugin will place a search box on top of your page. It works great with Google Analytics by providing the search bar history.

The main features are:

WooCommerce Products – search any WooCommerce product, configure it to a specific search type of product, category of a product, date, size, color, name, or add a custom field. This feature also includes the “out of stock” option.

Unlimited Search Forms – create as many search forms as you wish, and configure them to your content.

Display Search Forms Anywhere – display search forms anywhere on your site, from the header, footer, widget area to the navigation menu. You can also choose a different placing by using a shortcode.

Search Anything – search any content on the website whether that is Authors, WooCommerce, Terms or Categories, Post Status, and File Types.

This plugin will save users time searching for desired content.

  1. WPtouch Pro

WPTouch helps you reach a wider audience by presenting your WordPress site to mobile users.

Most users will access your website through a phone, therefore it’s important to make a website mobile-friendly.

WPTouch lets you customize your website to your own liking. Options such as choosing what kind of menu you want to display or on which devices you want your website to be available.

The main features are:

Powerful Settings – once you’ve installed the plugin, it will take you to a setting page where you can choose a variety of options. Various themes, customizable themes, extensions, menu options, and so many more will be at your disposal.

Better Performance – this will reflect greatly on your traffic since most users nowadays are using their mobile devices.

Customize every aspect of your website appearance on a mobile device, and watch that online traffic grow.

  1. Crisp

Crisp lets you chat with your visitor live.

By adding a live chat, you can give your visitors a much easier way to reach you and will be able to solve their issues quicker.

The main features are:

Chatbot – offer the support even when you’re offline. Some questions might be frequently asked, but instead of dealing with them every single time, you can create a scenario with this chatbot builder. This way you can focus on more important issues while the chatbot takes care of frequently asked questions.

Knowledge – is a library of information about your product. It is a knowledge base that can help you create, share, and manage knowledge across your platform.

Integration – integrate Crips with your favorite apps, to improve the user experience. Facebook, Shopify, Pipedrive, WhatsApp, Telegram, GitHub are just some of the apps that are compatible with Crips.

Live chat – respond to your visitors on the spot and help them resolve their problems in minutes. With this feature, you can also get visitors more involved in the content they asking for, and make them stay longer on the page.


While running a website, you have to focus on two things, making your product exceptional, and enhancing user experience every day. Plugins from above will help you with a second part. With WP Sticky it will make your website more useable, Simple Author Box will make your content more desirable and WP Reset will make your page safer.

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