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8 Top Cybersecurity Careers in 2022 and Beyond

by John Milton
8 Top Cybersecurity Careers in 2022 and Beyond

In the world of technology, cybersecurity experts are in demand. Organizations rely on cybersecurity professionals to combat cybersecurity threats, protecting sensitive data and safeguarding networks and systems. This requires specialized knowledge and experience to benefit business strategy and operations.

Technology already has a growing job market and positions in cybersecurity are increasing. It is one of the fastest-growing jobs out there. It not only provides an interesting line of work but great benefits, flexibility, and job stability. If you are looking to enter cybersecurity or grow in this field here are the eight top cybersecurity careers in 2022 and beyond.

Chief Information Security Officer

When it comes to positions of executive management, chief information security officer or a similar position is just about as high as you can get before chief executive officer or owner. The chief information security officer or CISO plays a key role in an organization’s security strategy by overseeing security and privacy operations, managing risks, and monitoring information.

To secure this position, one must have a lot of experience, refined technical skills, developed interpersonal skills, and extensive knowledge. Most jobs require an advanced degree and understanding of industry standards. While complicated with a high degree of responsibility, this position does come with benefits such as flexibility, stable retention, and high earnings.

Information Security Analyst

An information security analyst uses technical skills and critical thinking to monitor business systems and networks. In doing so, they look out for, identify and manage risks. They essential care for a business’s entire technology infrastructure and are considered “gatekeepers” or bodyguards” of information systems.

This role hinges on experience and knowledge because it involves a wide scope of duties, tasks, and responsibilities. Many employers look for a four-year degree or graduate-level degree. Stacking your resume with certifications is also a bonus.

Cybersecurity Project Manager

If information security analysts are the “gatekeepers” of information systems, then cybersecurity project managers are like the “directors.” They are responsible for coordinating specialists, managing systems, facilitating projects to completion, and ensuring business objectives are being met through cybersecurity projects. 

This position essentially combines two fields of project management and cybersecurity together and creates a prime space for job opportunities as both fields are expected to grow considerably over the next decade. While you do not necessarily need a computer science degree to perform as a cybersecurity project manager, having technical expertise is invaluable.

Penetration Tester

Are you into seeing how things work? Being a penetration tester may be a position of consideration. Penetration testers use a mix of skills including technical, creative, and problem-solving in addition to a vast array of technological knowledge.

To fill this role takes a little bit of curiosity and ingenuity. It also calls for inquisitiveness in the realm of technology where a penetration tester needs familiarity with different operating systems, computer networks, programming languages, and more. You will need a four-year degree in computer science or a related field to be competitive on your job hunt.

Cloud Security Specialist

The cloud is identified as the future of the technology world and, as such, cloud-related positions in the realm of technology, particularly cybersecurity are booming. Cloud technology is still a growing and developing area which means cloud security specialists are in high demand. Nothing essentially leaves the cloud and it is a vast arena of data. 

For organizations using cloud technology cybersecurity is essential. A cloud security specialist operating in this role must be well-versed in technology as they manage cloud-based systems. A majority of their tasks will be protecting information and mitigating cybersecurity risks. To be competitive in this role certifications like Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) are a plus.

Network Security Administrator

While network security administrators monitor technology operations of businesses, it also involves interpersonal aspects. Network security administrators interact with other IT professionals and members of different management levels. It is a blend of business administration and computer science 

This position utilizes a variety of skills to monitor business networks and devices. It is a great position to start out as a graduate or when entering the world of cybersecurity. If you are wanting to get some solid footing in cybersecurity and carve out your career path, working as a network security administrator is an excellent place to begin.

Ethical Hacker

An ethical hacker is knowledgeable of computer and networking security. This knowledge comes in handy for identifying possible vulnerabilities in computer systems and networks and fixing them so they do not become a great risk once a system or network is launched and up and running. As fixers, ethical hackers are also known as “bug bounty hunters.”

Ethical hacking is great for those who enjoy puzzles, figuring out how something works, and fixing or correcting things. The ethical hacker gets to point out problems, break things and correct them so they aren’t a bigger issue later. This position is invaluable to organizations for strengthening systems and safeguarding data. 

Business Intelligence Analyst

If you are interested in the field of technology but are more business-oriented, you may want to look into the role of a business intelligence analyst. Those in the position of business intelligence analyst gather data and transform it into actionable nuggets that can bolster business value. Their days are spent with data analytics, visualization, and modeling.

Don’t think you’re just staring at charts and numbers all day. It’s the transformative aspect of the position that makes their job integral to business strategy and growth. The business intelligence analyst notices patterns, promotes efficiency, and creates solutions. This is incredibly important to business organizations.

As a higher-level position, one seeking this position increases their likelihood of gaining this position with a good portfolio, certifications, and advanced degree.

These job roles give you a range from entry-level to advanced to investigate and see what is needed to secure a position. Of course, the positions available in cybersecurity do not stop at just these ten. While these are in demand, many job positions in cyber security provide similar or equal benefits and many go unfulfilled. 

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