9 Best Restaurants In Brussels That You Must Try

9 Best Restaurants In Brussels That You Must Try, The capital of Europe de facto offers not only several experiences thanks to the beautiful architecture and eclectic museums. But also offers a variety of delightful culinary offers. In addition to sinful chocolates and waffles, lots of delicious Belgian dishes, such as the popular Moules-Frites or exotic Waterzooi.

If you are a food lover, then you must take Emirates Airline Tickets to Belgium and eat and one of the following restaurants in Brussels to experience the meals of your life. We give you the best places to eat in Brussels that will definitely take you on a culinary journey of a lifetime.

Browse these places and enjoy delicious cuisine, fresh products, and licking the fingers of delicious dishes.

1 – Comme Chez Soi

Food is a work of art in this beautiful restaurant, with great attention to detail in the preparation of each dish that offers a mix of flavors. Out of all Brussels restaurants, Comme Chez Soi stands out with its unique food, Art Nouveau design, cozy atmosphere, and unparalleled service. Each bite takes you to a gourmet paradise; visiting the kitchen after a meal is quite impressive.

2 – Chez LEON

Your first visit to Brussels means that you also have to go to Chez LEON, one of the most famous brasserie restaurants in Brussels, which serves a combination of mussels and fries in French ‘Moules Frites’. It should also be noted that children under twelve years of age can eat free from the children’s menu if they come with their parents or relatives.

The menu includes mussels and fries or Bolognese spaghetti or omelet and fries or chicken and fries plus vanilla ice cream or chocolate mousse. The restaurant even has a parking lot for wheelchairs.

3 – La Kasbah

If you like Marrakech, you’ll love La Kasbah. 120 colorful lanterns covering the ceiling create the atmosphere of an old Moroccan medina. The food is also authentic, with perfectly seasoned couscous and a large selection of tajine, of which lamb tajine with plums and almonds is especially tasty. Together with the incredible variety of dishes. The menu contains an excellent selection of original Moroccan or Algerian wines accompanying the dishes.

This restaurant is so exquisite and a little expensive. So it is advised that you take cheap flights to Brussels. So that you can have money to spend on the sumptuous meal of this luxury restaurant.

4 – La Maree

The simple decor of marine paintings and sea souvenirs is the scenery: it is an excellent place for seafood (although meat-eaters also have the opportunity to look). Located near Place Sainte-Catherine – a former fish marketplace and still a place to eat fish in Brussels – La Marée has enjoyed a good reputation in cooking fish for several decades under the watchful eye of Portugal, the born owners of Mario and Teresa Alves.

Look here at Belgian classics such as croquettes Aux Crevettes Grise and Moules-Frites, and it will be challenging to find better-cooked plaice.  You can write for us baking.

5 – Restaurant Le Rabassier

Undoubtedly, the best contender for the best restaurants in Brussels, Belgium, magnificent surroundings, impeccable service. And fantastic food is ahead of the competition. Take Emirates Airline tickets and experience the six-course tasting menu, which is a gastronomic trip that should not be missed – from spicy to sweet and absolutely divine.

The artistically presented exotic arrangements are unique and indicate why this restaurant boasts two Michelin stars. Because there are very few tables in its intimate environment, prior reservation is required.

6 – Amadeus

This atmospheric restaurant, located in the transformed studio of the sculptor, is perfect for a romantic dinner or an illegal meeting. Located near an ivy-covered courtyard, the restaurant has black walls, and only candlelight and dim lighting provide lighting. Dark recesses provide private seating, and statues collected from old churches add character. The food at Amadeus is just as intriguing. A la carte and prix fixe options are available, and homemade nut bread is served with every meal. If you are a beef lover, this place is for you.

Take Cheap Flights to Brussels right now and enjoy one of the most amazing ribs recipes that you can have in the whole world.

7 – Pasta Divina

The small, cozy, family configuration is one of the best-hidden gems and cool restaurants in Brussels serving fresh home-cooked food. The friendly owner takes care of the guests, and his wife prepares fresh pasta daily. It’s a place where you can eat the best pasta in town. As well as amazing heart-shaped salmon ravioli, tiramisu, and other Italian specialties.

The place fills up quickly, so we recommend booking. This is considered one of the best Italian restaurants in Brussels.

8 – Thai Talks

The Thai Talks bar is more of a snack bar than a real restaurant. But it deserves a place among the best places to eat at the Grand Place. It undoubtedly serves the best Thai food in Brussels. And you will be delighted with the positive energy in the kitchen that moves to the plate. The food is hot, spicy, and tasty, and everything is prepared using authentic ingredients and techniques. Although sometimes there may be a queue of hungry guests.

It only speaks about the popularity and quality of restaurants, and the food is worth it.

9 – Le Bistro

This neighborhood bistro in a fantastic location is an excellent choice for a restaurant in Brussels with a warm and home-like atmosphere and fantastic food. The staff are amiable and provide valuable suggestions, portions are quite good and prices reasonable. Mussels, beefsteak, prawns in a garlic sauce, and vegan pasta are great.

Sitting outside on a warm sunny day is a delightful experience; free mint tea is a nice touch.


If you’re planning a vacation in Brussels or are already in the city. You need to take Emirates Airline tickets and check the culinary scene and try all the types of cuisine that it offers. So, in Brussels, there are also many Indian restaurants where you can try traditional Indian dishes.

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