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9 Unique Ideas To Spruce Up Your Blank Wall

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9 Unique Ideas To Spruce Up Your Blank Wall

The blank walls in our house are just like an empty canvas. You can do different experiments with them and fill them with whatever you want. Filling these walls with different things is a little intimidating. After all, various things need to be considered while uplifting your wall decor.

First of all, you should consider those wall decorating ideas that can stimulate your senses and create a welcoming atmosphere in your house. But, make sure you do not overdo it. We all want to have a unique wall decor style in our house so that it looks different from our neighbors.

But, the budget is one of the major constraints that restrict us from purchasing expensive artwork for our wall decoration. Choosing the best decorative element for your house is quite challenging because whatever you choose must blend seamlessly with the entire decor of your house and wall panelling is also a good and for most choice for your home that make your wall looks great.

Luckily, we have the best ideas for you that can help in decorating your walls. These tips will make your wall look different and better polished. So, are you ready to transform a simple blank wall into a statement wall in your house? Read the following tips and implement them:

  1. Use Abstract Art

Rather than investing thousands of dollar to purchase a modern art piece for your wall, you should create an abstract painting by yourself. This will need a few bugs and your efforts. It will look amazing and uplift the visual appeal of your blank wall. This is one of the simplest and sparkling ideas. If you are not good at DIY, then you can go for metal print frames for your wall decoration.

  1. Hang Tasseled Wall Hanging

We all have seen tassels because they are present everywhere. Whether we see blankets, keychains, throw pillows, the tassels are easily seen in these items. So, why do not you use them for your wall decoration? This tip will add some movements in your wall aesthetics. The tasseled wall hanging is a unique idea and set your wall apart from other walls.

  1. Place Mason Jar Vases

You can bring spring inside your home in any season. You can place mason jar vases to add fresh hues to your house. The flower vases will create a welcoming interior. You should also consider this idea for wall decor because it can give a splash of organic goodness inside your home.

  1. Add Hanging Shelves

This idea is good to bring a minimalist look in your home. The hanging shelves will not just make your wall beautiful but also add more functionality in your home. These shelves will not just fill your walls with different styles, but also provide a good showcase your favorite items. You can display metal photo prints on these hanging shelves.

  1. Latest Style Yarn Hanging

At present, yarn hangings can be easily seen everywhere because they are in trend. So, why do you try those stuff that is in vogue? This idea can give good texture and warmth to your wall.

These yarn hangings look great on your walls. Choose a contrasting color of yarn hanging so that you get the best appearance. If you are a good DIYer, then rather than purchasing it from the market, you should prepare it by yourself.

  1. Intriguing 3D Bursts

This idea is amazing and you will fall in love with the 3D bursts. You can take the help of professionals for preparing these 3D bursts for your wall. These bursts are capable to trigger the interest of home visitors and they will ask more about this.

  1. DIY Stencil art

This project is perfect for those people who are more inclined towards DIY projects. This is a simple and cost-efficient way to make your wall look crafty and decorative. The DIY stencil art project is fail-proof and you need less time to complete the entire project. The final results will definitely spruce up your entire room.

  1. Fired Ink Art

If you have a gallery wall and do not have any idea what to display, then fired ink art is a good idea. You should first collect the required material i.e. one lighter, different color ink and ready to have fun in this project. This DIY project is very easy and anyone can easily do it. This idea will add different colors to your wall.

  1. Flower Wall Headboard

The old style of the headboard is a good idea. But, if you want to have something unique, then a hanging flower headboard idea is perfect for you. Well, it is quite amazing and the flower headboard will look magical in your blank wall.  You can purchase flower headboard from your nearby store and get ready to hang them strategically on your wall to increase their visual impact.

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