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A Guide to Creating a Fantastic App Preview 30 Seconds to Showcase Your App’s Best Features

by John Milton
Creating a Fantastic App Preview

Isn’t it true that the first thing that draws you to the theater is a great trailer? The phenomena are unequivocal. You’ll be able to encourage them to come watch if you produce a superb preview, a glimpse of the wonderful entertainment or spectacle that awaits them. In the case of apps, a terrific app preview’s job is to entice consumers to download your mobile app. Filmmakers hire their best crew to cut the trailer. Are you putting your all into building an app preview? Today, we’ll assist you in nailing it. Let’s speak about how to highlight your app’s top features, communicate your brand’s aim, and generate excitement.

How Important Is an App Preview?

That depends on your definition of important. A preview is not required to submit your software to the app store. However, today’s customers want to know that their time, bandwidth, and phone storage are being spent wisely. So, they are watching up to three app previews before downloading an app. Without a proper app preview, all screenshots, detailed descriptions, and any additional information that can possible fit in the storefront, an app’s listing appears incomplete and half-hearted.

Create an app preview to demonstrate to the audience that your app has significant potential and to demonstrate your dedication to it. It takes some effort, but the benefits are well worth it. According to a Store Maven study, having an app preview can assist raise conversion rates by 20-35%.

1. Recognize and Explain Your Core Value Proposition

In reality, the first thing your app preview – and your app – require is a purpose. What is the core value you provide? An exciting gaming experiences? An enlightening learning experiences? Is there a method to get a monotonous, time-consuming job done faster? Need a fast fix of entertainment? You must clearly communicate to your target audience what they stand to gain from your software. As a result, your app preview must fix this issue thoroughly and rapidly. It must demonstrate what they can expect. Use the app preview to demonstrate how your app differs from what users may have seen previously. Briefly describe all of your distinguishing traits, such as high-quality visuals or first-rate handmade content.

2. Make a Story

Sure, app previews can simply be a collection of screen shots showcasing the app’s capabilities, but creating a short but well-rounded story around your app developers vancouver experience is a better way to go. Discuss briefly the challenges that consumers may be experiencing in their daily lives, as well as how much time it is costing them or how bothersome it can be. Then explain how your software will fix the problem and make the users’ lives easier. Write a script based on that idea and revise it to exactly summarize what you want to communicate in the allotted time. To learn more, consult Apple’s detailed tutorial.

3. Design the Preview Visual

This is where you incorporate design, animation, and graphics to help picture the tale you just wrote. It is advisable to use real app visuals solely because whatever is in your preview is what your users anticipate to see after downloading, therefore don’t create a separate visual or animation just for the preview. What makes the difference is how you clip, edit, and organize these app graphics to convey a story. Your images must be consistent with your content while also displaying some of your app’s most attractive pictures and imagery. The images must flow with the writing and depict the entire experience. Instead of showing a random view of a man racing across a mountain, display a screen grab of what feature was clicked on to initiate this action and what that resulted in. Use text to support your idea and appropriate background music to enhance the effect. Make sure your app is set up chronologically rather than showing the big finish first and then showing haphazard recordings of other odd parts in a disorganized manner.

In addition to displaying your app’s appealing content, highlight how simple it is to navigate your app. Display simple touch buttons and graphics of people traveling from one section to another. Demonstrate how quickly menus open when called and move out of the way when done. If there are any thorny places in the app that your users appeared to struggle with during the user testing phase, be sure to address them carefully so that your potential users understand how to utilize them without a hitch.

4. Watch How the Best Are Doing It

Observing how other successful apps create their previews might be one of the most effective ways to spark your inspiration and do things the trendy way. This may be the first step that many individuals take: they view all of the app previews they can get their hands on for an extended period of time. However, we have placed this at the end of the list so that you have had time to develop your own original idea.

While scouting your competition and watching how the incumbent champs play is important, reading too many app previews can leave you with a powerful hangover from what you saw. This can have an impact on the originality of your mobile app development preview because you will almost always end up duplicating their fantastic work. That is why, before you watch how others do it, you should create a rough design of what you want to do.

After that, spend some time looking at some of the best app previews out there, such as Calm and Waze, to see how you can make your script and images more exact, edit them better, and so on.

5. Set Realistic Expectations

App previews and movie trailers are created with the sole intention of generating excitement and promising a good time. Take care, however, to maintain the preview in sync with the actual app. Overpromising and under-delivering can lead to high expectations that are not satisfied, resulting in disappointment, uninstalls, and even negative reviews.  So be truthful in your app preview and set reasonable expectations.


After all of the hard work you put into developing the app itself, creating an app preview may seem like the final straw. However, no film has ever been released without a trailer. If it did, it most likely did not fill the seats. With millions of apps available in app stores nowadays, distinguishing out might be difficult, but a killer app preview can help you achieve just that. It has the potential to make the audience sit up and pay notice. It can display them the appealing aspects of your software and persuade them to download it. At Linkitsoft, So, spend another day or two generating a preview for your app and wait for the results.

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