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A Step-By-Step Guide to Becoming a Salesforce Developer

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Becoming a Salesforce Developer

Dear Salesforce Developer aspirant, we are delighted to see you inside this informative blog.

Salesforce is currently one of the most in-demand customer relationship management service providers globally. Hence, let us be clear that you will have to put in a lot of effort to establish yourself in this vast ecosystem of brilliant professionals. However, it is not rocket science either. Cracking the success code will be easier if you are ready to put in the effort.

Did you know Salesforce Developers are among the top 10 highest paid jobs globally? Yes, you read that right! Are you excited to be a part of one of the highest-paid professions? Then let us get into the topic straightaway.

Here is the step-by-step guide to becoming a Salesforce Developer for you.

Step 1: Polish Your Admin Expertise

Your admin skills need to be on point to become a Salesforce Developer. This is not just a prerequisite but a crucial factor that will help you become a successful Salesforce Developer. It would be helpful if you have all of these 3 certificates:

  • Salesforce Certified Administrator
  • Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator
  • Salesforce Certified App Builder

These certifications prove that you are capable of handling and managing the role and responsibilities of a Salesforce Developer. It also validates your expertise in curating ideas and designs for the infrastructural improvement of the organization and sets you as a person who understands customer relationship management.

Step 2: Enrol For Training

As Salesforce Developer is a high-end certification program, you need to prepare yourself for it in the best possible way and score a high percentage to raise your career graph and bag the top-notch job opportunities. You will need expert guidance and 24X7 support to help you dive deep into the subject.

Only a professional Salesforce Developer Certification exam training institute will be able to back you in all forms and show you the right direction to succeed in achieving your goal. A course will be able to deliver the perfect study materials that you need for preparing for the exam.

Hence, the first thing you invest after time into making your dream is to ensure that your efforts in building a fruitful career do not go in vain with proper certification preparation programs.

Step 3: Earn The Platform Developer Certificate

Did you think only the admin certification would make you a Salesforce Developer? No, dear, being a part of one of the highest-paid job professions is not that easy. To showcase your administrative skills, you will need to have admin certificates.

To validate yourself as an efficient developer who is an expert in admin skills and capable of taking charge of the developer functionalities, you will need the Salesforce Platform Developer Certificate or the PD I certificate.

The Salesforce Platform Developer Certificate will authenticate you as a capable developer who knows the Salesforce ecosystem and can design, develop and deploy the organization’s infrastructure according to customer needs and requirements.

Step 4: Practice As Much As You Can

You must have heard the term “practice makes a man perfect.” It is time to adhere to that principle and make the practice your weapon to succeed as a Salesforce Developer.

The most important thing needed to become a Salesforce Developer is to practice as much as possible. Start from the practice tests that are available for free online. Then level up to the past years’ question papers for the PD 1 exam. When you are confident enough to answer the questions, apply for mock tests.

You can get guidance from courses, gather study materials, and have all the tools needed to pass the cert exam, but you still would not succeed if you do not put effort into studying.

Step 5: Develop The Skills

Can you tell us the one aspect that marks a Salesforce Developer as a professional Salesforce Developer? Their skills make them expert Salesforce developers instead of an amateur.

The critical skills needed to become a salesforce developer are:

  • Communication Skills- Working under the number 1 CRM service provider, Salesforce needs you to have exceptional communication skills. You will have to deal with both customers and your team, which will require different communication techniques.
  • Analytical Skills- Analytical skills are crucial for a Salesforce Developer to analyze the issues and give productive feedback for the better working of an organization. Having an analyzing power is very important to creating analogical surveys too.
  • Interpersonal Skills- Just like communication skills, interpersonal skills are also needed for dealing with customers and employees. Not all customers have the same approach, nor do the employees. Good interpersonal skills will help you position yourself as a leader better.
  • Problem-solving Skills- Finding solutions to problems that fall under daily activities for a Salesforce Developer is a must needed skill.
  • Computer Skills- Having the ability to control a computer and be a pro at it is a mandatory skill for a developer in Salesforce.


Was this blog helpful to you? We bet it was, and we can also tell you that you would love to be a member of our community where other Salesforce Developer Certification aspirants hang out and address their problems and get answered by our professionals. See you inside the group! Let us begin your exam preparation journey together.

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