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A true Epitome of Elegance from Libas e Jamila clothing Store

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A true Epitome of Elegance from Libas e Jamila clothing Store

It’s always been a struggle to find traditional Pakistani Designer clothes in foreign countries. Most of the Pakistanis living abroad buy bulk of traditional clothes from Pakistan. As because they can’t find the best traditional clothes in other countries according to the type they want. In events like Eid, get-togethers and weddings, Pakistanis living abroad want to wear desi clothes like shalwar kameez. Shalwar kameez represents their culture and it is a symbol of recognition. But it’s always a task to find stitched shalwar kameez at reliable rates. For this purpose, the brand known as Libas e Jamila has launched a wide variety of shalwar kameez for women. This brand is UK based but they also deliver in other countries.

What does the brand Libas e Jamila sell?

This brand sells many types of traditional clothes and wedding clothes. They deal with readymade Pakistani clothes in the UK. This brand also sells occasional dresses and kid’s clothes. They have every type of shalwar kameez made from different fabrics. You can choose according to the fabric you want and on which function you want to wear.  They have salwar kameez of different colors. Some are simple and some have embroidery. You can also wear salwar kameez at a wedding. Libas e Jamila UK salwar kameez is everyone’s Favourite. People living in the UK prefer buying this type of salwar kameez.

  1. Price:

The price range is not too high. According to fabric quality, I would say they are selling the best of clothes at reasonable rates. Price is much reliable and low compared to others. They sell Pakistani clothes online in UK at reasonable rates.

  1. Delivery:

Although this brand is in the UK, even then they sell their clothes all over the world. They have many options for delivery. You can choose any option and pay delivery charges according to that. The brand takes the responsibility to deliver your items safe and secure. In case of any damage, they will take steps according to the customer’s satisfaction.

  1. Discounts:

You will always find the sale on their website. They have various festive discounts as well. They offer great deals and try to ease their clients as much as they can. They give a 5 percent extra discount if you shop worth of 100 euros.

  1. Wide variety:

One of the most important things I like about this brand is that they have a huge variety of dresses. They have a lot of dresses for every occasion. If you are from the United Kingdom then you can buy for every occasion from this brand. This brand will deliver you very fast.

Moreover, they sell both Pakistani and Indian clothes. They have many kinds of clothes which include saree, Sharara suit, Gharara suit, Anarkali dresses and Banasri dresses. Not only these but they also sell pashmina shalwar kameez. Pashmina shalwar kameez is Kashmiri attire made from wool fabric.

  1. Modish Pakistani clothes:

Libas e Jamila sells beautiful and modish clothes that have elegant designs. They have a huge variety of dresses with beautiful colors and stylish designs. Their clothes are very fashionable and eye-pleasing. You will not be able to resist shopping again from this brand.

This brand also sells kid’s clothes. They have very beautiful occasional dresses for girls and shalwar kameez for boys. They sell readymade Pakistani clothes in the UK for kids and they have all the sizes of 3 years to 18 years age group.

What is the importance of wearing shalwar kameez?

Importance of shalwar kameez for Pakistani people is described below;

  1. Represents culture:

Shalwar kameez is a national dress of Pakistan. and it represents its cultural manifestation. People living abroad love to wear their cultural clothes. Shalwar kameez represents Pakistani culture in foreign countries. It creates a good cross-cultural combination.

  1. Comfortable attire to wear:

Shalwar kameez is a comfortable attire to wear. You can do everything while wearing shalwar kameez. Women prefer wearing shalwar kameez every day. As they find it very comfortable and relaxing attire.

  1. Everyday dress:

Shalwar kameez is not for one specific event. You can wear it on Eid occasions, at parties, dinners, in your office, and even at weddings. There are all types of shalwar kameez; simple, embroidered, velvet, etc.


At last, I want to conclude that if you are from the United Kingdom then you have got such a big relief. As you can order all the Pakistani clothes in the UK from this well-known brand. You can get the type you want, for yourselves, for your sister, mother, and even your kids. You don’t have to worry anymore about traditional clothes for events. Libas e Jamila has launched pretty designed clothes for every occasion. And most important, they will deliver to you in a short time. That means you can always order from here in sudden planned events. The price range is also reasonable, you can get beautiful clothes at a low price.

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