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Why ABC Tracing Kids is Best for your Kids?

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Are you looking for some game that helps your kid in the learning process? In this game, your kid learns new informative things in a relaxing mood. Your kid will love to learn new things by Playing ABC Tracing Kids Learning Game. Kids hate to study. They hate to go to school and go to tuition and they just want to play games and sports. Every parent problem that their Kids waste their time just using the mobile or playing games. Now, the problem is solved. Now your kid plays and learns at the same time. Yes? You read it right.

Learning and Fun together:

This game is fun to play but also enhances your kid’s mantle growth. It has many activities; your kids can enhance their abilities through these activities. Best Learning applications for kids with the following and phonics games. Learning of English letters, numbers, Shapes, bends, inclining lines, straight line, straightforward lines and free drawings, hues and increasingly other essential jargon. Any baby, kindergartner or preschool age youngster can learn English and the English letters in order and numbers just children following letters by following their finger.

Different Moods:

Your kids learn through various interesting activities. We have multiple moods for your kid’s learning guidance in a new and interesting way.

  • Alphabets Learning

This game will guide your kid in a most entertaining way and it starts from small things to more creative things. It will make your kids base.

Numbers Learning

Through this game, your child will adapt the thing in a more creative way. They learn numbers in their own way.

  • Drawing

The drawing is the creative thing that your kid should learn. So, this game will teach your kid how to draw in a more easy and innovative way.

  • Slide Puzzle

This mood will sharp your kid’s mind. It will increase the IQ level of your kids.

  • Word Search

This mood will enable your child to learn new vocabulary and learn new words.

  • Room

In this mood, different activities make your kid more efficient than other kids.


There are different following, phonics and letter learning also. Babies and grown-ups can partake in learning together without interference. The UI keeps little children concentrated on letters in order perusing and composing, concealing menu directions from moving fingers. So, let your kids enjoy their learning process.


  • vivid early instruction application that assists youngsters with learning the English letters in order
  • Includes smaller than usual games, phonics blending, letter coordinating, puzzle, test and that’s only the tip of the iceberg
  • Uppercase and lowercase letters to follow, tune in to, and coordinate
  • Alphabet for Kids ABC Fun Free – An Educational preschool ABC Game application which makes learning Alphabet fun and simple for kids, kids, little child to upgrade memory abilities
  • All Alphabets incorporates letters start to finish and is completely highlighted free game (with riddles and memory games)
  • Kids letters in order games – ABC tracing learning, for kids, offspring old enough gathering 2-4 years
  • Alphabet cheat sheets – Learning and distinguishing proof of the letter sets and letters through ABC cheat sheets for kid’s game made simple and enjoyment with games having huge glimmer cards
  • Alphabet sounds learning application – will help with the acknowledgment of letters of letter set for preschool kids, little children with basic and intuitively easy to understand interface and helps manufacture memory
  • Kids learning the game – incorporates instructive learning games for kids, free games and riddles for preschool children and kids, which enables composing and children to figure out how to peruse
  • Alphabet for kids is an ABC kid following and phonics game and is exceptionally simple instructive Memory puzzle game to help build up their focus and perception abilities
  • Kids letters in order learning application with sound will keep your little children, kids engaged, instructed and calm in a vehicle, in an eatery, on a plane or all over
  • Read, Play, learn, and furthermore practice letters in order (Educational). Very simple to learn for kids. Human voice for Alphabets
  • First Grade Learning Games with Simple, enormous and adorable ABC letter sets for kids, kids, to be recalled no problem at all
  • ABC for kids, learn Alphabets and Letters: start to finish letters with articulation and adorable enjoyment illustrations. It’s Educational and a good time for kids (games for kids play)
  • Kids learn rapidly through play. Children learn Alphabets for the sake of entertainment Free is an intelligent instructive game through which your kid can create dexterity and perception abilities
  • Baby telephone game assistance with the Vocabulary Builder of letters of letter set and improve memory (memory games for kids play)
  • Best Kids letters in order games ABC Tracing for kids with ABC cheat sheets for kids’ game

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