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All about the best wifi light bulb

by Uneeb Khan
All about the best wifi light bulb

With the development of new technologies, the demand for a wifi smart bulb is increasing day by day. It has almost become a necessity for each of us to have access to more types of novel lightning products that efficiently illuminate our houses, offices, streets, etc.  The recent lighting applications, as well as utilization, have led to the introduction of more energy-efficient products in the global market.

All about wifi smart bulb

A wifi smart bulb is simply the future of lightning homes. It is an efficacious light bulb that can be connected as well as controlled via a smartphone, computer through WiFi, and mobile network and permits a user to turn his or her lights on and off as and when required.

In addition, with the assistance of a smart wifi bulb, a user can change the colour temperature to make it cooler or warmer. Last but not least a user can have elite access to control lights from anywhere and at any time of the world.

The best wifi light bulb can be availed in different sizes and shapes. Nevertheless, most of them fit into the standard sockets. So, these bulbs are assured to be perfect for each need. For a wide living space with an open concept integrated with a high ceiling, one could opt for larger A19 or PAR30 models. And if the user’s space is limited then he or she can opt for a puck-sized LED which takes up much lesser surface area on shelves and tables.

The high benefits of a smart wifi bulb

Since a smart wifi bulb does not require the replacement of current lights or installation of new wiring so they are the greatest option for homeowners as well as renters who do not want to go for a major home renovation.

Nevertheless, the best wifi light bulb can be connected to the home network of a user through WiFi. In fine, these enigmatic bulbs make use of an app on a tablet or a smartphone for smart speakers like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to control lights. The lights can be turned on or off with a few taps on these devices. With an Amazon Echo, even with voice command, the lights can be optimally controlled.

A smart wifi bulb can even be connected to AiDot. It is a one-stop smart home app that connects all the devices together. Equipped with automatic technology and simple operations, smart scenes can be evolved through a feather touch of one-touch buttons. 

How to avail smart wifi bulb

The smart wifi bulb can be simply procured online from https://shop.aidot.com/. They have introduced an app that perfectly combines the core features. These are safety, energy-saving, family care, and space ownership.

AiDot wifi smart bulb is the latest trend in the world of lightning and it is very easy to install and use. It assists a user in simultaneously turning on or off multiple lights. In simple words, a user can control the rhythm of his or her room light artistically with the music he or she plays.

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