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An Assessment of Climate Change Risk for 2021

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An Assessment of Climate Change Risk for 2021

The predicted outcomes of climate change are becoming apparent by the day. Climate and environment-related concerns like water scarcity, forest fires, and melting permafrost are only a few adverse impacts of climate change. The inability to adapt and proactively counter climate change is one of the primary concerns of the modern world.

While organizations and governments from across the globe are acknowledging climate change risks, there is a need for a thorough assessment of all risks to facilitate the construction of effective mitigation strategies. In this article, we provide an in-depth assessment of climate change risks.

The Climate Change Risks that Need to be Addressed

  • From intense droughts to rising sea levels, climate change has put forward several chronic challenges for human beings and other species.
  • The chronic challenges are supported by various acute challenges like floods and high-intensity heat waves leading to widespread loss of life, property, and habitat.

The mentioned challenges disturb the flow of systems and have a considerable impact on natural resources. The evident climate change risks have witnessed a significant change in the migration patterns of aquatic animals and migratory birds.

Moreover, climate change has increased the occurrences of several natural calamities like cyclones, floods, volcanoes, wildfires, and more. This has led to an extensive loss of life and crops that are vital to ensuring human beings’ optimal health.

Taking A Step Towards Change

Addressing climate change risks requires policymakers, multinationals, and individuals to work towards a zero-carbon future. Carbon is one of the major contributors to climate change and should be on the top of the priority list for all climate change strategies. Let’s look at a few constructive ways that can be effectively deployed to mitigate climate change risks.

  • Preservation of forests: The tropical rainforests are regarded as the planet’s lungs for all the right reasons. They absorb carbon dioxide in exchange for oxygen. The preservation of forests is vital when it comes to combating climate change. It is one of the primary elements of our ecosystem and is home to a myriad of species. Ensuring the preservation of our forests would require a reduction of all deforestation activities for the purpose of development. Furthermore, global policies should support the preservation of the communities and wildlife that exist in the forests of the world. Scientists and researchers can find productive ways for forests to adapt to the adversities of climate change to ensure their long-term stability.
  • Climate change adaption: It is vital to reduce carbon emissions to ensure sustainability; however, we need to prepare ourselves to face some of the inevitable impacts of climate change. Some of the unavoidable climate change risks like the acidification of the ocean, rising temperatures, shifting precipitation patterns, and a surge in natural calamities cannot be alleviated. Therefore, global efforts are needed to enhance resilience among communities, restore the impacted vegetation, secure freshwater for droughts, and identify the areas where endangered species can survive for the next decade or more.
  • The power of influence: Governments across the globe play a major role in influencing the masses about climate change risks. They have the power to influence and construct policies for business organizations to make the switch to clean energy and encourage zero-carbon industrial processes.

Therefore, urgent steps are necessary to confront climate change risks with contributions from policymakers, businesses, and individuals. Business owners can effectively collaborate with other organizations to complete a thorough climate risk assessment that can play a crucial part in developing and implementing climate action strategies.


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