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What is Antique Valuations- Key Information

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If you have any antique item or an art piece, it is always better to get it valued by a professional valuation company. A certified valuation document will come in handy for insurance purposes and also if you ever wish to sell it, you can expect to get an accurate value that you deserve. Keep reading to know more about antique valuations.

What are Antique Valuations

An antique valuer will find out the true value of your coveted items. It is usually the replacement value of your item/items. If you have inherited some antique items from your grandfather or father or any relative, then it is always a great idea to get the insurance for the same.

The insurance company would require a certified document from a renowned valuation company. The document will have a detailed description of the antique item along with photographs. You would require this at the time of insurance claim.

What Details Would Be Covered

A valuation certificate is prepared by an experienced valuer. He would include the following details in the document:

-Object details



-Condition (if any scratches/marks)

– Features

– Date/Period

– Artist Name

Antique valuation should always be done by an expert valuer. It’s an art and science and a lot of research goes into before the final document is prepared. This makes it essential to approach an expert in the field.

Online Antique Valuation

If you want to get your valuables appraised online, then Prestige Valuations is your best bet. This renowned valuation company in the UK also offers an online Antique valuation that is hassle-free. Their valuers have expertise, knowledge, and integrity to offer true worth of your collection along with the detailed document.

If you wish to sell your precious items to any antique collector, this valuation certificate will be useful in fetching you the exact value of your items.

Benefits of Valuation

In case of an untoward event of theft or loss of your antique item, if you have a valuation certificate then it would be helpful for the cops in recovering your article. You will also require it for the insurance claim so that you get accurately compensated.

An antique valuation certificate or document will also ensure that no disagreement or dispute happens between you and your insurance company.

Such a valuation is also required at the time of property distribution or divorce settlement. This shows the importance of valuation is high.

If you are still confused, whether to get your antiques appraised or not, then seek an expert’s advice. You can call Prestige Valuation, and talk to their experienced valuers and seek answers to all your queries. They are also into Jewellery Valuation, Watch Valuation, and Bags Valuation.

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