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Applications of Automated Sortation Systems

by M Sakhawat
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Are you struggling to keep up with the unending flow of packages? Automatic sorting systems can help. Automated sortation systems are designed to speed up order fulfillment and distribution. They automatically load incoming packages onto conveyor belts and transport them through a network of chutes, funnels, and lifts. Automated sortation systems applications include:

1. Receiving & Shipping

Many businesses are shifting from manual order fulfillment processes to automated sortation systems to increase productivity. The improved efficiency can make it possible for smaller companies to receive large numbers of packages daily while still maintaining fast turnaround times.

2. Kitting

Companies often use automated sortation systems to combine multiple items into one package or “kit.” The components are sorted based on the order information in an incoming shipment and then put in a box with other items that need to go out together. The system manages the process without any human intervention.

3. Retail Picking

Automated retail picking applications are designed for high-volume warehouses where you must retrieve individual items quickly. Retail automation sortation systems use multiple conveyor belts, storage units, and robotics to eliminate the need for human pickers. This allows companies to achieve faster order fulfillment while still reducing labor costs.

4. Food Distribution

In the food industry, automated sortation systems are often used in conjunction with robotics to handle products that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations. The systems help ensure that food is delivered quickly and at the correct temperature.

5. Laboratory Sample Sorting

Laboratories can use automated sortation systems to sort and track laboratory samples. This helps speed up the process of analyzing and reporting test results.

It is more important than ever to have an efficient order fulfillment and distribution process in today’s global economy. Automated sortation systems can help your business keep up with the competition by speeding up order processing times and reducing labor costs.

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