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Are Custom-Printed Car Stickers Good Marketing Tools in 2021?

by M Sakhawat
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Most people use custom bumper stickers, decals, and magnets to display their values and interests. These stickers are very popular among normal car users for various reasons. They’re easy to use. Vinyl stickers last on car surfaces for years without picking up significant heat, sunlight, or moisture damage. Plus, the latest car decals and stickers are created using advanced HD printing technologies. They can feature amazingly detailed artwork and convey complex concepts to viewers. But are custom-printed car stickers good marketing tools? Let’s explore whether these cost-effective vehicle stickers can generate awareness for companies and brands.

Are Car Decals and Stickers Decorative Items or Marketing Tools?

They’re both. A well-designed car display will leave a long-lasting impression on anyone. It doesn’t matter if the decal/sticker is on a company car or an individual’s car. As long as the stickers are designed properly, they are guaranteed to attract the attention of the masses on the streets.

Here are some ways in which smart marketers use these customized stickers on their cars to generate brand awareness –  

Leverage the Power of Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Despite the rise of social media marketing during the pandemic, word-of-mouth marketing still reigns supreme. According to recent studies, 92% of modern-day consumers still rely on word-of-mouth info before making purchasing decisions. A well-designed auto sticker with attractive content is guaranteed to generate buzz in local audiences.

Once the buzz about your car displays generated, expect word-of-mouth marketing to take place organically. People love talking about the exciting things they see while driving. If your car’s stickers are attractive, they will notice it and speak about it.

Marketers can take the following steps to guarantee that their car stickers generate organic word-of-mouth marketing –

  • Give Special Offers to First Views:

Give special discounts or offers to the first people who notice your car displays. If they appreciate your stickers, give them more bonuses! They’ll feel that their feedbacks valued. Hopefully, they will speak to others about this experience.

  • Offer Discounts on the Stickers: 

Incentives matter a lot in marketing campaigns. Why not use your car displays to share details about your offers or referral programs to your whole community? Custom-print details about sales, offers, discounts, etc., on your stickers. 

  • Special Occasion Stickers for Company Cars: 

The best part about using custom-printed vinyl stickers is cost-efficiency. Vinyl car decals and stickers are low-cost, easy-to-replace tools. Brands can order hundreds of these stickers and use them for different purposes throughout the year. That means they can custom-print special stickers for their cars on special occasions. From Halloween to Christmas – don’t miss an occasion to promote your brand. Custom print theme decorations on your auto decals and stickers. Let the local community know that your business cares about special festivals and occasions.

In the past, buying car decals or stickers meant buying traditional bumper stickers. Now, company car owners can get custom vinyl stickers and attach them to their rear windows, car doors, etc. These versatile and customizable stickers are the perfect low-cost marketing tools for businesses in 2021!

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