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Are Trace Minerals Good For Deer?

by John Milton
Trace Minerals Good For Deer

You can mix a mineral lick with salt. Deer will find it convenient and won’t eat it like feed. Instead, they’ll lick it to satisfy their thirst. And if you want to catch a glimpse of the deer using your trail camera, you should place it near a water source. But the question is, are trace minerals for deer Good? Let’s take a closer look.

Absorb phosphorus from soil

Deer are able to absorb phosphorus from soil, which is not enough for the body. They must be supplemented in their diets. It’s not possible for the body to synthesize phosphorous on its own, so it’s important for farmers and landowners to give their animals the proper amounts of this mineral. Soil that contains trace minerals is essential for herd health, and these are vital for the health of their herd. Besides, minerals like sand, and clay are essential for the overall wellness of your herd.

How to mix minerals with soil

When applying a deer mineral mix, the best way to mix it into the soil is to use it with water. For best results, use the mix in the field as it seeps into the soil. For quick results, use liquid deer mineral mix on stumps and logs. It will last longer than granular versions but it will only last for a few months. While both types of mineral are effective, the liquid one is much easier to establish and use. However, they require more time to work into the soil. Also, a granular form can be put on a tree stump or a log. This method is a better option than a granular one. Fortunately, the benefits are similar, including attracting wildlife.

If you are concerned about attracting deer to your property, you should consider the type of soil. A heavier clay soil has a higher mineral content than a light sand, and deer will be attracted to it. If you want to attract deer to your land, consider planting a tree in a shaded area or a semi-open area. Adding an appropriate amount of minerals to the soil can improve your deer’s health.

In addition 

To being beneficial for deer, trace minerals are also necessary for their diet. A deer’s skeletal system needs these minerals in order to grow and remain healthy. But it is not necessary to add phosphorus in large amounts. You can buy commercial mixes that contain these mineral mixes. These are usually mixed in a field. You can add these mineral mixes to a water-free soil. It will be less expensive to buy, but it will give the deer a mineral supplement.

Deer can benefit from the trace minerals in food and hay. It is essential for the growth of antlers. The mineral salts are available in many different types. Those that are good for deer are those that are free of phosphorus. If you’re a farmer, you can even buy these mineral mixes from a local farm supply store. These are great for deer because they attract wildlife.

Deer mineral mixes are available in different forms. Most of them need to be mixed with water and then placed in the field. For instance, you can put liquid deer mineral mixtures on stumps or logs to attract the deer. The liquid ones are easier to apply and soak up into the soil. Unlike granular mineral mixes, liquid mixes are more difficult to establish. They can also be applied to existing sites. These are easy to use and provide the trace elements that the deer need.

To attract the deer, place mineral sites in areas that show good signs of deer. They should be well-placed, away from roads, and close to areas with human activity. The granular minerals should be applied on the edge of a food plot, a staging area, or a log. The granular mineral mixtures can be applied to a food plot and will be more efficient than the granular ones.

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