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Are You Looking for Pool Table Movers?

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Are You Looking for Pool Table Movers?

What is the difference between moving a couch and moving a pool table? Apart from the weight and the complex pieces, the difference is thousands of dollars. These are the pivotal differences between moving a pool table and moving furniture or kitchen appliances or almost anything else in the house, which does not have to the dissembled and reassembled. 

Due to the value of the pool table, you would not want to trust your everyday Joe for the move. It would be ideal to look for a pool table mover or movers who offer this particular service. But, how do you find the good pool table movers from a crowd of sub-par moving companies? I am going to give you a couple of rules to make sure that your pool table moving needs are fulfilled.

Rule 1: Only Registered Moving Companies

It is critical for you to contact only those moving companies that have been registered with the proper authorities because you are going to face all sorts of problems if the moving company is unregistered. The worst will be when they damage the pool during the move, and you can’t pursue them for insurance money. Therefore, avoid contacting unregistered movers. Those 50 bucks you save might cost you hundreds of dollars.

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Rule 2: Always contact multiple moving companies

The information age, Netflix, and Amazon have provided us with the curse of impatience. Now we make rash decisions based on incomplete information and a flawed sense of rationality. I strongly recommend that you curb your instincts to settle upon the first mover you contact, and reach out to at least two more. This will help you determine the average price of your move, and will also help you get the best moving experience for you.

Rule 3: Insurance is a big tell

Insurance is one of the most important policies in a moving business for you because it tells you the amount of faith that the business has in its services. The higher the confidence, the more comprehensive the insurance. Even though the primary motive is not getting more insurance money, but the threat of insurance will make the pool table mover more cautious during the move. Therefore, the chance that your pool table will be damaged decreases, and you wouldn’t have to go through the trouble of claiming damages from the business.

Rule 4: Online reviews help

Many moving companies have pasted testimonials on their websites. Though it is entirely possible that the testimonials are true, I wouldn’t trust them too easily. I find that third-party websites liked Google or Yelp are much more trustworthy when it comes to reviewing services and businesses. This is why I go through extensive research on third-party websites to find the best moving companies for my needs. 

I required the services of a moving company for a pool table move a couple of months ago, so I searched on Google for the best pool movers in Las Vegas. It helped that a rating was assigned to the moving companies, which represented the accumulated score of all the customer reviews. It turned out that the only moving company that had a rating of 4.5 out of 5 with the highest number of reviews was Move4less. I contacted the company and two others as well. Move4less was not only the most trustworthy company, but it was also the most cost-effective, making it the best pool table mover in Las Vegas. 

I strongly recommend that you conduct your research and find the best mover in your area. Happy moving!

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