Bank Feeds Setup Error OLSU-1011 in QuickBooks – Reasons and Troubleshoot

Quite possibly the most significant feature of QuickBooks is internet banking. This permits you to rapidly accommodate your bank account and gives you an exact rundown of data for your system. By means of internet banking, you can associate your credit card or bank accounts directly to the QuickBooks software. While utilizing the QuickBooks web-based banking feature, you may have encountered a few issues. Notwithstanding, Online Banking error incorporates OL and Bank Feeds Setup Error OLSU-1011 which are remembered for this arrangement. 

A portion of the basic internet banking arrangement and connection in QuickBooks Desktop in particular: OLSU-1014, OLSU-1013, OLSU-1011, OL-202, OLSU-1016, OL203, OL-206, OL-205, OL-209, OL-231, OL-232 and OL-249, OL-301, OL-221, OL-332, OL-392, OL-334, and OL-393. 

Reasons for the QuickBooks OL and Bank Feeds Setup Error OLSU-1011

  • This error can emerge because of a few reasons, for example, An issue or conflict with your bank (likewise called financial organization). 
  • Your bank might have changed their Web Connect or Direct Connect services. 
  • In a consolidation and change of name, the bank has been included, and that should be revived in QuickBooks. 
  • You may have a functioning bank account and this is taken into consideration web-based banking in QB. 
  • The server in your bank may be incidentally down. 
  • There may be some issue with your internet availability. 
  • In your QuickBooks company, there may be an issue with at least one account. 
  • There may be an issue with the download or import designs. 

Troubleshoot strategies to x QuickBooks OL and Bank Feeds Setup Error OLSU-1011 

1: Create another company test le 

2: Enable the TLS 1.2 Security Protocol, if accessible 

3: Run the account set up with the Ctrl key smothered 

4: Deactivate all accounts with online services 

The ended, more seasoned version of your Windows OS or QuickBooks Desktop. Look at a couple of things prior to continuing to the investigating techniques 

Prior to getting to any data from individual nance the executives software (PFM), the greater part of the banks and financial organizations need personality verification. You can utilize a PC other than QuickBooks Desktop to interface with your bank account to meet the bank prerequisites and search your message center or inbox for more data. Whenever required, banks may likewise be reached. 

Here are the speedy and quick investigating strategies to tackle OL and OLSU errors when transferring or bringing in transactions on the QuickBooks Desktop. As expressed, play out these means in the request and attempt your download after each progression: 

Strategy 1: Create another company test File 

The underneath expressed advances assist you with recognizing the issue that begins with the bank and their servers: 

  • In the first place, go to the File menu and select New Company >> Express Start 
  • Next, add a bank account inside the made test company 
  • From that point onward, set up an account for bank takes care of 
  • Now, test the account by following the bank feed transaction downloads 
  • In the event that the issue actually exists at that point move to the next techniques. 

Strategy 2: Enable the TLS 1.2 Security Protocol, if accessible 

The beneath steps encourages you to empower the most recent TLS 1.2 Security Protocol: 

  • At first, open IE 11 (guarantee that the most recent IE version installed) 
  • Go to the Gear symbol inside the Internet Explorer 
  • Next, go to the Internet Options >> Advanced tab 
  • From that point forward, look down the segment to nd Security 
  • Now, uncheck the choice USE TLS 1.0 and afterward check the alternative USE TLS 1.2 
  • Hit the Apply and afterward Ok button 
  • At long last, close all the running projects and afterward restart your PC to make the modifications. 
  • Regardless, the error messages actually show up on your screen at that point and proceed with the next strategies. 

Strategy 3: Run the account set up with the Ctrl key stifled 

This technique can sidestep recently bombed connections and can empower you to eliminate your bank’s halfway, fragmented, or inactive connection. With the help of QuickBooks Desktop Experts or by visiting the Intuit official site, you can get to bit by bit depiction detail. 

On the off chance that you make this stride and the issue vanishes, the QB Desktop internet banking and connection error will mean a decent investigation and you will be capable of downloading the transaction. 

Strategy 4: Deactivate all accounts with online services 

  • These estimates will help you in finding the source accounts in your company file in the event that you own more than one account set up for internet banking services. 
  • Regularly, this doesn’t make your online accounts work on the off chance that you have just one account with an error that keeps it from interfacing with the bank. 
  • At the outset, select the checkbox named Include dormant at the lower part of the Chart of Accounts window 
  • Next, deactivate the accounts alongside that deactivate the Bank Feeds 
  • From that point forward, close and afterward attempt to open the le once more 
  • Now, set-up each Bank Feeds account 


In the event that you can’t handicap the Bank Feed settings for your accounts, you can counsel QuickBooks specialized group since this can typically occur since data is harmed or degenerate. Ideally, the above-if techniques help you to effectively QuickBooks OL and Bank Feeds Setup Error OLSU-1011.


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