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Can you progress a career in digital marketing without the basic skills in education?

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basic skills in education

Digital marketing is still on the rise, but only if you have the basic understanding of how the technology works. You need to have basic training in data management, technical skills, and an understanding of the user experience. In fact, digital marketing is one of the fastest growing areas of employment with many roles in the field to choose from, all over the world.

The rise of digital marketing

Digital marketing is the fastest growing area of employment in the UK, with the number of people working in digital marketing increasing by 20% in the past year. That is four times the national average. You can apply for a digital marketing role and Functional Skills Maths Level 2 online through most educational agencies.

However, some of the most in-demand roles are in marketing in the UK. Digital marketing roles are thriving in sectors like retail, travel and the media. You could apply for a digital marketing job anywhere in the UK, but the demand is highest in London and other major cities.

Digital marketing roles are available in every country in the world, and these latest vacancies are a clear sign of the importance of this technology in everyday life. However, with the rapid rise of digital marketing, there is an increasing need for skilled marketers to communicate with a wider audience.

The digital marketing skills gap

The UK is falling behind other countries in digital marketing and it is a rapidly growing field with lots of opportunities to advance. It may be surprising, but there are people out there who are happy to earn a lower wage for a better job. In fact, you could consider an advanced digital marketing role in the UK if you are skilled in English, Mathematics and computer science.

The digital marketing jobs market is competitive and filled with opportunities to advance your career, but you need to know Functional Skills English Level 2 and how the technology works if you want to compete for these jobs. This includes knowing how to analyse analytics, the principles of Google Analytics, and being familiar with other tools, such as the Backlink builder or Ahrefs.

Digital marketing is becoming an increasingly lucrative field, with some roles paying £55,000 per year. This is not surprising, as the average salary for a digital marketing role in the UK is £35,000.

Many digital marketing roles can be found in large organisations, as the field is expanding and getting more competitive. However, it is difficult to pursue a career in digital marketing as you need to know how the technology works. If you don’t have that basic knowledge, then you could face several barriers, including time constraints and lack of understanding.

How to get a digital marketing job

If you have experience in IT and IT security, then it could be easier to get a digital marketing role. The employers are always on the look-out for people with good technical skills, and there are companies that are looking for information security and cyber security specialists.

Job sites such as Indeed have jobs listing software that allows you to search for digital marketing jobs. However, most UK-based recruitment sites have digital marketing jobs to apply for. You can apply online through most of the major UK employment agencies, and there are also many online jobs sites that may be able to direct you to a job that is a good fit.

This website also allows you to track the jobs you apply for, so that you know which opportunities are available in your field.



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