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Beading instructions for brick stitch

by John Milton
Beading instructions for brick stitch

Brick stitch is a very creative stitch used in jewelry making. After you have understood the variety of techniques you can explore in order to make a variety of designs. You will be enjoying endless hours of creative beading. You may make your own animals charms and follow instructions in creating beautiful flower works and also geometric shapes. You can use circular brick stitch in order to create pendants, earrings, charms, all that are a part of the beading project.

You may like stitching beads into rings and then exploring the variety of bead weaving techniques. This type of stitch works with cylindrical beads. There are structures like the Miyuki or Toho which are round-shaped beads and a good choice for making hand-beaded jewelry. You may use a circular metal component in the middle of your designs in order to make great art.

Brick Stitch and Peyote:  Brick stitch appears to be in horizontal peyote, the two techniques are just distinct beading plans. Both peyote and brick stitch would have a basic design looking like a brick wall. The beads would lien up next to each other. But, there are some marked differences between a project using peyote and a brick stitch.

Peyote stitch earrings: The peyote stitch would be present in the place where it’s visible and then it would be easy to spot. The thread would be present at the end of the stitch and link one bead with another. When you are looking at the brick stitch, you are not looking at the thread at the side, but what you will be seeing is all bricks. The thread on the side won’t be passing from one to another bead but will go back to the same thread. In the case of peyote, the thread is bound to go horizontally through the bead and the thread still sits vertically while the tread goes up to the bead.

Secondly, you might think about achieving the first bead before choosing the stitch. Peyote stitch would be faster while you are trying a simple design, but the brick stitch would allow you to increase and decrease the number of beads sitting in a row, thereby making the stitches versatile for irregular shapes.

Brick stitch earrings: Brick stitch is a versatile technique used in jewelry making. After understanding the basics of the technique you can explore a variety of designs and enjoy such endless hours of creative beading. Using circular brick along the center you’ll make hoops around the charms, pendant, and earrings. You may love playing with the seed beads by using a variety of bead weaving techniques. Stitching beading into the rings is very much a liked style. The round-shaped seed beads are also a good choice in making handmade beaded jewelry.

The brick stitch might increase or decrease: While the brick stitch beader starts there is a ladder stitch base row. You may add layers at the base row by sewing thread bridges holding the underneath layer together. You may always increase the bridge stitch before picking the beads and exiting out to the second one. You will take up diagonally through other beads and finally the layer underneath. You will have the option of changing the shape and size of the thread bridge by moving back to front in the row. You may repeat this step till you reach the end. The difference would be visible at the end of the row and then repeat the pattern. For reference, you may see the Youtube video tutorials and then learn from there how to maintain the stitches. That could be an important source to learn certain things with great perfection.

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