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5‌ ‌types‌ ‌of‌ ‌leather‌ ‌jackets ‌that‌ ‌gives‌ ‌off‌ ‌a‌ ‌vintage‌ ‌look‌

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5 types of leather jackets that gives off a vintage look

The leather‌ ‌jacket‌s have always been synonymous with rebels and outlaws. This high-testosterone menswear garment has turned many heads in the crowd owing to its undeniably magnetic aura. Leather jackets, however, earn a bad rep because they are more than just a part of every troublemaker’s armor. In fact, they are supremely versatile, incredibly chic, and timelessly vintage. Needless to say, no good wardrobe is complete without one. 

When leather jackets first made an appearance, they catered to the trends of the time. Over the years, they have evolved immensely, which often makes us wonder if there are still any leather jackets that give us that classic vintage look. Well, good news! Many leather jackets still radiate that glorious vintage look. Here are our top picks. 

  • Biker jackets

Biker jackets were the original trailblazers. They took the world by storm when they first hit the big screens because of their outgoing aesthetic. To this day, the biker jacket is a cult favorite. Every bad boy in the history of cinema has always been clad in a leather jacket – it just radiates that kind of rebellious vibe, and to be honest, we are here for it. The earliest biker jacket designs to hit the market involved a snug fit number with large lapels that could either be snapped down or folded over one another and zipped all the way up. They came with their signature pockets as well. We have James Dean and Marlon Brando to thank for their huge success. The modern-day biker jacket is more innovative but follows the same classic blueprint. Today, you can find a biker jacket in more designs, colors, and embellishments. Buckles, spikes, buttons, zippers, embroidery, texture, you can find everything under the sun. Style your stunning biker jackets with anything from a pair of skinny jeans and a tee to a dress and ankle boots; a biker jacket never fails to impress a crowd. 

  • Field jackets

Field jackets initially came about as part of military menswear. Perhaps the most underrated pick of the lot, field jackets originally were designed in cotton but made the leap to leather, and we are grateful for it. A field jacket is a little longer than other jackets like the badass biker fit. It comes with a belted waist, multiple front pockets, and a zipper or button-up placket. Designed to protect the body from the elements, field jackets are warm, chic, and super comfortable. While their design might not be too bold or too outgoing, field jackets bring a new flavor to the mix, minimalism. Less is more right when talking about field jackets. You can style your field jacket with just about anything because, unlike biker jackets, their plain and simple aesthetic deems them slightly more malleable and versatile. Style your field jacket with a pair of everyday jeans, a crisp button-down tee, and chinos for a preppy look. If you wish to keep it casual, replace the chinos with a pair of jeans and the button-down shirt for a simple t-shirt. 

  • Bomber jackets

Bomber jackets, like the biker jackets, were the first ones to take the world by storm. Originally designed for pilots, bomber jackets have stood the tests of time, and despite multiple innovations, the classic bomber jacket style continues to dominate them all. This bona fide staple menswear garment has immortalized its place in the pages of history, and it is not planning on going anywhere. The case of the bomber jacket is somewhat mindboggling because it really does not bring anything spectacular to the table. It is a simple, loose-fit jacket; what could possibly be so great about it? Well, it is, in fact, the simplicity of a bomber jacket that we all have fallen in love with. Their clean and chic outlook is what makes them stand out in a crowd. The cinched waistline and sleeves give the jacket its characteristic cut, and its fit deems it the most comfortable one of the lot. There are infinite ways in which you can style your bomber jacket. Keep it classic with jeans and a tee, preppy chic with formal pants, a crisp shirt, a sweater, or effortless casual with a dress and sneakers. People tend to shy away from leather jackets because they can be quite outgoing for their taste. If you are considering taking the plunge, your safest and surest bet is a neutral-toned bomber jacket. If not the bomber jacket, perhaps you can try your luck with custom leather jackets

  • Racer jackets

Racer jackets have dominated the automotive industry for decades now. The version we see now is updated, but it continues to follow the same design as when it first came out. Racer jackets made an appearance around WWII as minimalist, streamlined leather racing jackets for soldiers. They were manufactured in heavy horsehide leather and came with a strong front zipper to provide adequate protection against the elements. By the end of the ’60s, racer jackets had officially become a fashion staple. Racer jackets, like biker jackets, come in a form-fitted cut and a clean front zipper. Their two square pockets and round-neck snap button collar give them their characteristic look. You can style your racer jacket with anything because racer jackets are super minimal and easy to work with. They pair brilliantly well with office wear, casual wear, and even formal wear. If you wish to give your body a more toned look, putting on a sleek racer jacket is the perfect way to do so. 

  • Flight jackets

Flight jackets, as the name suggests, were originally created for pilots. They are bulky and big and come with a shearling lining as their purpose was to help pilots stay warm. Today, the flight jacket is a staple for not only pilots but also regular folks like us. Flight jackets, unlike their cousins, are best suited for colder weather. They are big and bold, and they do not shy away from it. You really do not need anything else to make your outfit stand out if you will be wearing a flight jacket, so our tip is to keep it simple. Since the jacket is so apparent, it only makes sense to balance out the rest of your ensemble with something simple like plain trousers, a simple tee, and if you are feeling extra cold, maybe a light sweater. You can also style it over a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Flight jackets are your safest bet if you enjoy the look and feel of fur. 

  • Parting thoughts

Vintage fashion is all about the old-world charm. These leather jackets are the closest things you can get your hands on if you enjoy vintage looks or want to incorporate more vintage-inspired pieces in your arsenal. Find your favorite from the lot and flaunt it like nobody’s business. Just make sure that it vibes with your overall fashion aesthetic. 

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