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Can the bed sheets cause itching?

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Can bed sheets cause itching?

 Some people feel itchy skin at night and they don’t get the reason why they are facing this issue. The reason is people didn’t maintain their hygiene and as a result they face issues. Most people don’t like to wash their sheets which is not a good approach. People nowadays are so busy in their lives that they don’t bother to wash their sheets and sleep at night without thinking of hygiene –Bedsheets cause itching

The unwashed sheets can cause you serious issues like itchiness and asthma patients could be in more problems as it can cause them allergies.

There are some things which can cause serious issues but don’t consider them and neglect them.

Body Oil

When you sleep at night your body is at rest and the body releases oil and if you are wearing makeup and sleeping with it then it will be on your sheets and your pillow.

So if you are not washing them regularly or after 2, 3 days there will be bacteria that may grow and it can multiply itself with a small amount of oil. As it will breed continuously because you are not washing your sheets or pillowcases for weeks. And you will start facing health issues. This issue will be due to bacteria or harmful insects like dust mites.

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It’s not only the body oil that can be contaminated with your sheets and pillowcases, but the dead body skin also gets off at night from your body and can be stuck in the sheets and duvets. So the dust, dead skin, and bacteria are there on the sheets which can create itchiness.

People having allergies have more problems as they can increase their allergies. So, in this case, you should wash your sheets regularly or at least change them.

Skin irritation

If you are not washing your sheets daily and going to bed on that dirty sheet, then the bacteria there or the dust on the sheet may irritate your skin. This may also make you prone to some bacterial infection like eczema.


When we sleep at night we sweat and some of the people have some sweat issues that they sweat more than normal people. So if they are not washing their sheets daily then it may cause them some health issues.

So the sweat is also a big reason that you should wash your sheets daily as it may contaminate the sheets and duvet and you will not be able to sleep properly.

The sweat in sheets can cause different problems than others. When you sweat, the sheets and the duvet soak the sweat and there is lots of moisture in it.

So if you wake up in the morning and set your bed up with the duvet on it then the moisture will remain there and dust mites or bugs make their space there. These harmful insects won’t let you sleep properly at night which will be not an ideal situation for you.


In the prevention of these diseases and issues, you should also check the fiber of the sheets, like which fabric is better for you. The most recommended and good quality fabric is cotton, as it is organic and will probably suit your skin. There are some types of fabrics available in cotton with different variants. The most used cotton fabric is linen. As linen is not 100% cotton but yet it provides one of the best qualities.

If you don’t want to go with cotton then there is a good alternative to cotton out there named microfiber. The microfiber sheets can be affordable in price and can be bought at cheap rates. But these sheets are not durable and didn’t last long. People feel it soft and slippery.

These sheets can repel stains which is a very plus point of it because in our daily life we left a stain on the sheets which can’t get off easily. But it gets dirty easily as it has tiny spaces in it and the dirt particles get stuck in it. And if the sheets are not washed properly on time this may cause harmful insects to grow in it. You have to wash these sheets quite carefully as they can be damaged at high temperatures.

Wash other beddings

According to our team vend review research, everyone doesn’t wash their all beddings which are also not recommended if you are having the issue with the sheets that they are getting dirty and makes you feel itchy then it might be other beddings too which are making you feel like this.

Like if you are having sweat or body oil then it’s not the sheets which are getting this, the duvets and the pillowcases are also there and they are getting the same moisture and the body oil.

So they also need to be washed as soon as you feel them dirty. Normally people don’t wash the duvets and the pillowcases for months which is not a good approach and the harmful insects have grown to a large number. And that will cause you itch and some allergies.

Vacuum the mattress

Like all the beddings the mattress should also be cleaned properly. Some people don’t like the sheets on the mattress which is not good. If the sheets are not on the mattress then you are in direct contact with the mattress and when you will sweat or the oil released from the body, it will be absorbed by the mattress and you cannot wash it in a washing machine.

So you need to take precautions and always use a bed sheet on the mattress. But if you make a sandwich for you that’s the best. The sandwich will be like a mattress then the sheet and then comes you and then another sheet and in the end duvet. In this way, duvet and mattress are both protected.


As you have got familiar with the cause and effects of sheets, so you need to wash them daily to avoid any type of issues like the harmful insects, itchiness, and any type of bacterial infection.


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